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Chapter 55 – Girl and elves – part two

“I understand that you want to be friends with them.

You’re a very kind girl, so I expect that from you, but no matter how much you want to be friends with someone, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will feel the same way.

I’ve never actually met an elf, but I do know that there is friction between them and humans.

There are no many elven slaves in the kingdom of Fairytrof, but there are some…”

Says miss Lan to Gaius and I, and then she looks directly at me.

“…We don’t know what the elves are thinking, or why they invited us here.

There was not clear enmity coming from them, but we can’t say for sure that they are friendly towards us.

So… This could turn into trouble.”


I ask, and miss Lan responds.

“It could be even worse than being captured by humans.”



It’s only a possibility but… Even if they are not hostile, they might want us to do something we don’t want to do.

Maybe they seem nice, but have different things in mind.

We need to be careful.”

Careful… I made a contract with the gryphons and Scifo, and managed to get along with beast people, but it could just be luck.

I was very lucky even in the village where I was born.

If this happened because I’m the miko, does that mean that the miko’s power is to increase luck

It’s not a perfect ability, and it doesn’t make it so everything goes well even if I don’t do anything, I can tell that much.

But I am, without a doubt, luckier than most people.

Is that why the place where I live becomes prosperous

…But if I really am a little luckier than most, doesn’t that increase the chances that the elves I met are nice people

I say this to miss Lan, and she says that it could very well be the case, but it could also be wrong.


“Well, I do agree that it would be best if we got along with the elves.

Let’s do our best to make sure we do.”



Gaius and I agree with miss Lan.

It’s exciting.

What is our relationship with the elves going to be like

I really hope it will be good, I think as I fall asleep, leaning on Rurumar.

The next day, elves come to us early in the morning.

I think they were here yesterday too, but the elves all look so much alike that I can’t tell for sure.

There aren’t as many elves here today as yesterday, but there are still a few.

They stand beside us as we move around carrying our things.

Their eyes are still cold.

As I hold miss Lan’s hand and look at them, I can’t stop thinking about wanting them to smile.

How do I make it so they smile

I keep staring, until someone’s eyes meet mine.

I smile, and this person turns away.

It was a bit shocking, but if I want us to get along, I have to smile and talk more.

Obviously, Scifo and the gryphons are coming with us.

It seems the elves are wary of them.

Reimar tells me that the elves are concerned about the gryphons and Scifo.

I love them, and they are my family, but I can understand how someone meeting them for the first time might be scared.

Beast people accepted them easily because they treat them as gods.

The elves are not going to smile if they’re scared of the gryphons and Scifo, so I have to tell them that it’s alright to not be afraid.

“…Miss Lan, if I tell them, they’re not scary, will they smile”

“Who knows…”

Miss Lan and I speak quietly, and notice people looking.

The elven village isn’t very far.

“It’s here.”

I’m surprised when I see the village.

The beast people’s village was made up of houses built in an open area in the forest, not too different from villages of humans, but the elven village is the forest itself.

They built their houses on top of trees, like they’re part of the forest.

I’m excited.

I’ve never seen something like this before.

I say ‘wah’ without thinking, and see a large group of elves coming our way.

—Girl and elves – part two

(The girl that is probably the miko reaches the elven village.

Will her wish come true)


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