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Chapter 50 – The prince does not report

I, Hicked Migha, sit on a chair, thinking about what happened.

The knights chased down a beast boy, and a girl jumped in front of them to protect him.

She held him as hard as she could with her small body.

Said knights reported that no matter what they tried, they simply could not reach them.

But when I reached out to touch her, I could, so why couldn’t the knights

This question keeps popping back into my head.

I stopped the knights from chasing the girl and the beast boy as they escaped on top of gryphons, because I had a bad feeling.

It felt like we were about to meddle with something that should not be meddled with.

Maybe we already have.

I think this because, after we returned to our base, I started wondering if that girl is not a miko.

There has never been a case in recorded history of two miko existing at the same time, so the fact that the kingdom of Fairytrof has the miko means that this girl is certainly not a miko, but if that’s the case, how can we explain the knight’s inability to even touch her

This is all I can think about.

That girl, that boy, beast people, my father… I have a mountain of things to think about.

We managed to capture a wolf beast person, but he died under torture without telling us where his village was.

This is not the result I wished for, and I did not torture him directly, but it was done by my subordinates, so I am just as guilty.

Having that said, we could not capture other wolf beast people.

The wolf beast people’s village that was found was nothing more than an empty shell.

It was said that they must have escaped south, but we cannot spare the manpower to chase them into an unexplored forest.

In the end, even though several knights died, we have nothing to show for it.

This must confirm to my father that I am useless.

After all, I could not fully carry out his orders to capture beast people.

That strange girl is human, but she’s walking alongside beast people.

If, and I mean if, she truly is a miko, does that not mean we are making a miko our enemy

Even if she is not a miko, if I report to my father about her strange power, surely I will escape his disappointment.

If I report about her, he will certainly try to capture her immediately, and my questionable position will become a little better.

This thought crosses my mind, but I end up not doing it.

I decide I should not, or rather, do not want to.

My father certainly does not expect someone like myself, who has been obedient all this time, to hide something like this, so I will keep this information about that strange girl to myself.

“If that girl is a miko…”

If she truly is a miko… Will she come to kill me

This thought pops into my mind.

I am very aware of the inhuman things I have been doing under my father’s orders.

I have given orders to execute people who may or may not have committed crimes, and condemned beast people to slavery… And I killed the beast man that would not tell us where his village was.

My crimes just keep increasing.

There are times when I know his orders are not just, but he is the king.

When the king says something is so, it is.

No matter how much it pains my heart, no matter how wrong I think it is, I have to keep following his orders, because I do not have the strength to defy him.

Surely, I will continue to obey him, commit many atrocities, and earn many people’s resentment and hatred.

Even if so many resent and hate me, I will continue on living and not be killed just because I am a prince.

I hear a knock on the door, and hear that my father has a message for me.

What does my father wish for me to do next How will I be used I will follow any order, and face the results no matter how much I want to turn away.

—The prince does not report

(The prince reaches the conclusion that the girl may be a miko, but decides not to report about it to the king.)


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