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Chapter 49 – Girl and the vow with the boy – part two

I don’t want to let anything like this happen again.

I don’t care if it’s beast people or humans, I don’t want this to happen to people that are important to me ever again.

I want to build a place where people can live and smile, and not worry about being attacked by humans…

What Gaius said is echoing inside my head.

I understand what Gaius is aiming for, and I think it’s wonderful.

It would be so great if there really was a place where people could live and smile, regardless of whether they’re beast people or humans.

After mister Athos died that way, the idea of protecting people started being on my mind all the time.

I want to be strong enough to protect everyone, and not let anything like that happen again.

That’s all I think about.

But Gaius isn’t like that.

He’s not just thinking about protecting everyone, he’s thinking further than that.

He’s great.

“…I can talk big, but it’s all just a pipe dream.”

“That’s not true!”


Gaius is surprised because I suddenly got up and yelled.

I stand in front of him and say.

“I think, it’s really… Really, wonderful!”

I really think it’s a wonderful idea.

If such a place really existed, it would be so great.

A place where people wouldn’t have terrible things done to them just because they’re beast people, like what happened with mister Athos.

A place where people could be safe and smile would be so great.

It will probably be very difficult, no, it will definitely be very difficult.

Humans have a lot more power than beast people.

That’s why mister Athos died like that in the first place.

They have this horrible idea that they can do anything as long as it’s done to beast people.

I can’t even imagine how hard we would have to work to make something like that a reality, but I…

“Me too…”


“Me too! I want to, make a place, like that too!”

I want to make a place like that too.

It sounds so great, I raise my voice.

“Everyone can smile, and live happily! Let’s make it!!”

I say without thinking, and Gaius laughs.



“…You don’t even think about it not being possible, do you”

“Yes, you want to, create it right I want to, create it too.”

“Yes… You’re right.”

Gaius is still laughing, and he stands up, right in front of me.

“Lerunda, put out your hand.”


I don’t know why he’s asking me to do that, but I put out my right hand.

He asks me to make a fist, and then he bumps his fist into mine.

“My father said that beast people do this when they make a vow with an equal partner.”


“Yes, when you vow to do something very important that absolutely must happen.”

Says Gaius while smiling.

He continues.

“Lerunda, I…”


“I want to create a place like that.

No… I will do it.”

“Yes! Me too! Let’s create it, together.”

“…But I have to become a lot stronger.”

“Yes… A lot stronger, to protect.”

“I don’t know exactly how we’re going to create such a place though…”

“We’ll ask, miss Lan and the others.

You’re not, alone.”

“Yes, you’re right.”

We face each other while we talk, and then Gaius takes a deep breath, and speaks loudly.

“I absolutely don’t want people to be killed like my father, and I’m going to create a place where everyone can smile.”

Gaius says, and then looks at me.

I also raise my voice.


I will, help.

I want to, create it too! And I’m going, to become strong, enough to protect everyone!!”

We make a vow while ours fists touch.

It will be very hard, maybe impossible, but I want to make it happen.

At the very least, those feelings are strong.

I want, from the bottom of my heart, to create a wonderful place like that.

No one heard our vow, except for the shiny stars, and Scifo, who was peeking our way.

—Girl and the vow with the boy

(The girl that is probably the miko thinks the beast boy’s dream is wonderful, and they make a vow.

They want to create a place like that even though they are still very young.)


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