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Chapter 45 – Girl and whereabouts part four

I hold Gaius tightly.

The tornado heading towards us doesn’t reach us, and I feel a powerful magic force passing by me.


“The magic avoided them!”

I hear surprised voices and open my eyes.

I can tell Gaius, who is in my arms, is surprised too.

When I open my eyes, I see the adults frozen in shock.

Ahh, great… If that thing that looked like a tornado hit us, it would have been terrible.

It’s great that I managed to protect Gaius, but what now Their attacks probably won’t reach me, but there is really nothing I can do.

How do I protect Gaius He tries to move, but I’m holding him tightly.

And then, I hear a voice.

“…What are you doing Wait, children”

I look where the voice came from.

Ah, another human.

In front of the humans wearing armor, there is a human with really shiny clothes.

He’s older than me and Gaius, but I think he’s still not old enough to be called an adult.

“Prince! This child is covering for the beast boy!!”

“It seems we cannot reach them for some reason.

It must be some sort of strange magic.”

“…Strange magic…”

The person they call prince approaches us.

Wait, prince Princes are people at the top of countries.

Is this one of the people that make beast people go through such a hard time

He’s beautiful and shiny, but the way he’s looking at me… He seems sad.

That’s the impression I get.

That person gets closer, and reaches out to us.

That hand reaches us.

Oh Why But when that hand touches me, I hear chirping.

“Gurugurururururururu!! (I found Lerunda!!)”

It’s Wason’s voice, and then other gryphons and Scifo.

I relax my body.

I’m glad they’re here.

Not everyone is here, but I’m relieved to see them, and let go of Gaius.

The shiny person that reached towards me pulls back in surprise.

The adults pull him back to protect him.

“Lerunda… You finally let go.”


Gaius is released from my arms and speaks.

Reimar swoops down between us and the humans.

I feel very relieved to see her protecting us.



(I’m so glad to see you’re alright.)”

Says Reimar with a sympathetic tone.

The person they call prince and the adults say things like ‘Why is there a gryphon here’ and ‘They tamed a monster’.”

The shiny person looks surprised, but unlike the others, he is not panicking and is just looking at me.

I think he’s strange.

His eyes are not scary like the others, and there is something different about them even when he looks at Gaius.

It’s strange that he was able to touch me too.

Why was that

In the middle of the confusion, Reimar says ‘Gurugurururu (Get up here)’.

I get on top of her, and pull Gaius’s by the hand.

Reimar is an adult gryphon, so she’ll have no trouble carrying both of us.

And then Reimar soars, along with the other gryphons and Scifo.

It’s Gaius’s first time flying on the back of a gryphon, so he’s scared he’ll fall and is hanging on tight.

I look down and see the humans looking at us.

The adults try to do something, but the shiny person says something and they stop.

Our eyes meet, and he keeps staring.

I don’t understand.

“Reimar, thank you.”

I thank her while on her back.

I don’t know what would have happened if they didn’t come, but I probably wouldn’t have been able to protect Gaius.

I look at him, relieved to see him alive and well.

“Gaius, I’m glad, you’re alright.

I was, worried.”


I wanted to see my father, so I went out to look for him, but ended up putting you in danger.”


I want to see, mister Athos too.”

Gaius looks down as he talks, and I agree.

Something feels strange about the gryphons.

“What’s, wrong”

I ask, and it seems Reimar is having trouble responding.


(We found Athos.)”


Those words make me happy, but something isn’t right about Reimar, and I become unsure.

“What’s wrong”

“…Gurugurugururuu… (We found Athos but…)”


What Reimar says next makes my head go blank.

“Lerunda What is it Did Reimar say something Do you know anything about my father!”


I can’t answer Gaius’s question.

What should I say

What Reimar was struggling to tell me, was that they found mister Athos’s corpse.

— Girl and whereabouts part four

(The girl that is probably the miko has an encounter with a prince, and discovers what happened to the person that was missing.)


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