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Chapter 44 – Girl and whereabouts part three

Gaius… Where are you Gaius

Where did you go

Gaius, where are you Gaius…

I use physical strengthening magic and run as fast as I can.

Where are you Where

Mister Athos disappeared, the other people disappeared, and now even Gaius.

I can’t stop thinking about Gaius.

Gaius can’t use physical strengthening magic, so I should be able to catch up to him!

But Gaius’s physical abilities are higher in the first place… No! I have to catch up to him!

I have a bad feeling but I keep running.

I don’t know where I am, and I’m not good at raising my voice.

“Ga… Ius!!”

I do my best to raise my voice, but I receive no response.

Gaius, Gaius, Gaius.

Where are you I keep running but I can’t find him.

I kick a lot of things along the way, but I don’t care.

Where is Gaius I don’t even know how far I ran.

Where is Gaius

That’s all I can think about.

My legs hurt, and it’s getting harder to breathe.

I want to stop but I can’t.

I have to look for Gaius and I have to find him.

I hear a tiny voice.

Is that Gaius I feel like it’s Gaius.



I’ve never yelled so loudly.

I have to find him.

Before I know it, I raise my voice like that.

I use physical strengthening magic, run forward, and find him, but he’s not alone, and there are adults that look like they’ve cornered him.

They don’t have ears and tails, so they’re humans.

What are these human adults doing to Gaius What are they trying to do

“Lerunda! Don’t come!”

Gaius is nice.

He’s in such trouble, but he tells me not to come.

But there is no way I’m going to listen.

The human adults look surprised.

Why are they surprised Why are they chasing Gaius Before I know it, I jump in between the adults and Gaius, and stretch my arms.

“What are you doing… to Gaius!!”

I’m not good at talking, but now’s not the time to be thinking about that.

What am I going to do if I don’t talk now What am I going to do if I can’t protect the Gaius I like so much Right now, it doesn’t matter if I’m the miko or not, I don’t want to see Gaius in trouble, and I have to protect him.

If I can’t protect him here… Gaius will be gone too!

“A human child…!”

“Why is she with a dirty beast person”

The people in front of me are puzzled, as they realize I’m human like them.

Why Gaius is a person just like me.

How can they feel good about chasing him around How can they do such horrible things Dirty Why do they say bad things like that

“…Little girl, you should move out of the way.

Give us that beast person and you won’t get hurt.”

“At this rate, you’re going to get hurt too.”

They threaten me.

They probably don’t want to hurt me because I’m human… But they don’t mind hurting Gaius.

Why Hurting Gaius No way, absolutely not.

I hate it.

“…Stop doing… Bad things to Gaius!!”

I’m not moving, no way.

I’m not leaving Gaius behind.

There’s no way I’m going to leave him here knowing he’s in trouble.

“It’s fine Lerunda…”

“It’s, not!! I’m not, moving!!”

Gaius says it’s fine, but he’s just worried about me.

I’m not moving.

It looks like Gaius fell and can’t move, and I can’t leave him like this.

If I leave him here I’m absolutely going to regret it.

The adults start inching closer.

What do I do How do I protect Gaius I’m not strong enough.

What can I do against a group of adults

As I think that, I hug Gaius tightly.

I probably can’t be hurt… That’s how it’s always been.

Even when my father would raise his hand against me, it could never reach me.

I’m going to protect Gaius and not let him be hurt.

In the village where I was born, people said this was creepy, but I’m going to protect him.

The adults sigh and reach for me, but they can’t reach me.


“What is this…”


The adults look annoyed and start casting magic.

It’s wind magic that looks like a tornado, and it’s coming our way.

I feel strong magic energy coming from this wind.

If this hits us, both me and Gaius will die.

That’s how scary this magic is.

I hug Gaius even tighter and close my eyes.

I’m scared, but I have to protect him.

I don’t want Gaius to be gone.

—Girl and whereabouts part three

(The girl that is probably the miko hugs the beast boy tightly to protect him.)


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