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Chapter 4 – Girl and gryphons part three


When I woke up, the mother gryphon had changed.

Maybe it’s related to my dream, I honestly don’t know, but I was surprised when I woke up.

The mother gryphon became a little bigger, and her feathers became golden.


Before I knew it I had gotten up and let out a voice of admiration, and the mother gryphon looked around while making a “guruguru” sound.

All I can think about is how cool she looks.


(It’s embarrassing.)”



(It’s embarrassing when you look at me so much.)”

Something is reaching me alongside the “guru” sound that all the gryphons make.

Could it be what the mother gryphon is saying”

“Is it embarrassing…”

“Guruu (Hn)”

“I think… I can understand what you’re saying.”

“Guru! (Really!)”

After speaking with the mother gryphon, I wondered if I could speak with the other gryphons too, but that is not the case.

I don’t really understand, but it seems that me being able to understand the mother gryphon is tied to the change in her appearance.

The mother gryphon had a strange dream too, and while I can’t really remember mine, the mother gryphon remembers hers quite clearly, and explained it to me.

Apparently there was a voice asking her if she swore to protect me, and saying there would be a change if she did.

I don’t really understand, but when she accepted, she woke up to find she had changed.



The little gryphons are chirping sadly as I talk with the mother gryphon.

I asked the mother gryphon to translate, and she said they are sad about not being able to talk to me.

I’m sad about it too.


(One thing I think I understand, is that it said something about forming a contract.)”


Said the mother gryphon to me and the sad little gryphons.

I don’t really understand what a contract is though.

“Gurururuu, guruguruguruu.

(If you name them, a contract is formed.)”


So that’s why the old man said that naming has a special meaning.

If you name them anything, the monster accepts you, and you are bound by magic energy, a contract is formed.

People that make monsters follow them in such a manner are called monster tamers.

Now that we can communicate, I can ask the mother gryphon how all the gryphons here are related.

She told me that in this nest there are the mother gryphon, father gryphon, their two children, the mother gryphon’s sister, her husband, their child, a gryphon that lost her husband, and her two children, one of them an adult.

Also, mister horse is actually a monster called 《sky horse》.

Apparently, his species isn’t capable of using things like fire magic, so he was abandoned for being a variant species that can use fire magic.

He was later found and raised by the gryphons.

It seems mister horse saved me because he was abandoned just like me.

It feels strange knowing that this sort of thing also happens to monsters.


(They are all saying they want you to name them.)”




I decided to start thinking about names.

I have to name ten gryphons and mister horse, so eleven in total.

To be honest, my head is spinning.

I never named anyone before, and I can’t come up with anything.

The mother gryphon saw how indecisive I was, and told me that the names can be anything that comes to mind.

After thinking for a while, this is what I came up with.

First I named the mother gryphon Reimar, then her husband Rurumar, their older child Rema, and the younger Ruma, Reimar’s sister Ruriha, her husband Kamiha, their child Rumiha, the gryphon that lost her husband Wason, her adult child Lyon, and the youngest gryphon of all Yuin.

And mister horse is scifo.

These are the names I picked.

They don’t have any specific meaning or anything, I just tried to pick similar names for the whole family, but they all seem happy.


(I’m so happy we formed a contract.)”


(I want to be golden like mom.)”

Guru guru! (I’m Rumiha!)”

Guruguru Guruguru (Can you hear me Can you hear me)”

After forming the contracts, it was like something was slipping away from my body.

Is this magic I don’t really get it, but I’m a little tired.

When I sat down, all the little gryphons started speaking.

Rema seems happy about the contract, Ruma wants to be like Reimar, Rumiha happily introduces himself, and Yuin asked me if I could really understand him.

I answered all the cute little gryphons.

“Guruguruguruu (Is there something troubling you)”

“…I don’t have clothes.”

We were happily chatting, now that we can understand each other, but when Yuin asked me a question, I said something that has been on my mind for a while.

Monsters don’t wear clothes.

It’s not like I’m naked, but all I have is what I was wearing when I was abandoned, and I want to change.


(I’ll have some brought to you.)”

Is what I was told, but who exactly will be bringing them

—Little girl and gryphons part three

(The girl that is probably the miko forms a contract with the gryphons and the horse.)


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