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“Lerunda, do I dance here”


I brought Phyto with me today.

If she dances where I can see her, that’ll probably expand the effect of my prayers.

She starts dancing right away, and with each step, her light pink hair moves.

I can’t look away, because she really looks so cool when she dances.

…No, stop.

I need to pray while she dances!!

And so, I pray.

It really works a little better than when I’m praying alone.

Just a little.

She keeps dancing for a while longer.

“Ahh… Ahh…”

She’s been dancing where I can see her all this time, so naturally, she’s out of breath.

“Thank you Phyto.”

“No problem at all.

I’m just happy I get to help you, Lerunda.

But dancing too much is tiring.”

I give Phyto water, and she gulps it down.

The effect of her dance is great, but her stamina doesn’t last forever.

There are multiple places with magic energy vortexes, so I go around visiting each one of them with the gryphons, Wea, Freinet, and Phyto.

On the way, there is a magic item that gives a little jolt, and I’m startled when it creates a small explosion too.

There are quite a few magic energy vortexes, and there are even more deeper within the ruins, where I haven’t been yet.

Miss Lan and the others have been slowly removing those dangerous magic items, but I guess we still can’t see the whole picture… We can’t see the entirety of the ruins.

We have more information because of what Wea tells us, but there are still a lot of things here.

Even if we fly here with the gryphons, there are some things that are like traps made specifically for beings that fly.

I feel like the country that was here once was even more incredible than I thought.

Wea showed me what it looked like, but it’s still more incredible than I imagined.

But I get why they would put stuff like that in important places.

It would be terrible if a big place like a country was attacked from the sky.

Miss Lan and the others say that the country we want to make would have a really high chance of being targeted, in part because of me, the miko.

We live here in the forest and want to make a country, but if people that don’t like that idea find out about us, there’s a good chance they’ll come after us too.

We need to make sure those people won’t win, or take it away from us, when that time comes… And so, we need to be able to deal with that.

I can’t understand how people who would want to take it all away from us think.

To me, it’s better to get along than to take things away from other people.

But I know those people exist.

I hear it would be good for our village if we could replicate the magic items installed here in the ruins, but apparently they use complicated technology, so we can’t do that yet.

It’s incredible too, how they used that sort of technology like it was no big deal.

“Lerunda, there.”

“I don’t see anything, but is it there”


If I touch Wea or Freinet, they show me where dangerous things are, so we advance further into the ruins and towards a magic energy vortex while we avoid them.

And since it gets a little dangerous as we go deeper, Phyto is staying back.

We see a dead monster on the way.

It looks like it just happened to come across a still active magic item… Yes, we really have to be careful.

I can sort of understand what’s dangerous and what’s not, and I’m lucky, but it’d be awful if I touched one of those.

And this magic energy vortex here in the back… It has this sort of presence, even when I’m standing a little far.

It kind of feels like if it suffers some sort of impact, it will explode.

“We’re here.”

The magic energy vortex a little further away is just a little too high and out of my reach, so I use magic to get there.

It feels pretty ominous.

I try praying, but it has a smaller effect than when I pray to the other magic energy vortexes.

But just as I’m thinking this, something jumps out.

It’s a monster that looks like a dog.

It jumps at me to attack, but Wea uses water magic to deal with it.

“That scared me… Monsters can jump out of magic energy vortexes”

“This is my first time seeing such a thing too.

Maybe accumulated magic energy can create things like that.

We really should take care of this quickly.”

She was quick to jump to the action, but Wea is also surprised.

We never know when they might go berserk, and there’s even a possibility that monsters might jump out of them.

I pray to the magic energy vortex, while thinking that I have to do something about them as fast as I can.

—Girl and magic energy vortexes – Part two

(The miko is on alert after being surprised by a monster jumping out of a magic energy vortex.)


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