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Chapter 380 – Girl and thirteenth birthday – Part two

All the celebratory events are fun, but this day, when people wish me a happy birthday and lots of people celebrate my birthday is especially fun.

A lot has changed since last year.

I went to the ruins of that fallen country and formed a contract with Wea there, went to the Kingdom of Migha and talked with Alice there, Mister Villa became a ‘knight of the miko’, and our ties to the world outside the village are getting deeper.

A lot changed in just one year, and I’m sure the village will keep changing a lot more.

But it makes me happy to think that some things won’t change too.

Gaius is dressed up too, and looking at him makes me smile.

He’s wearing a hat today.

It has holes for his ears, and it makes him look kind of fancy.

As a result of this village being more connected with the outside world, there’s more kinds of clothes here than before.

The spirits are having fun flying around.

That looks really pretty, and seeing the spirits have fun is fun for me too.

I can’t help but feel happy about the spirits celebrating my birthday.

When we’re celebrating, we sing celebratory songs here in the village, and dance to them too.

I grab Gaius’ hand, and we dance together.

Not that we’re actually dancing well or anything, we just dance the way we want to.

We go around dancing together with light steps.

It’s really fun.

“Gaius, this is so fun!”


People watch us going around and smile.

Miss Lan doesn’t usually like to move or exercise, but she’s dancing today.

I’m a bit worried that she got tired after dancing just once, but Mister Sadda and Mister Nirushi are looking after her, so it’s fine.

I dance with other people like Dandonga and Mister Oshashio too, but it’s kind of hard to dance with an adult because of the height difference.

How much taller am I going to get Maybe it’d be nice if I kept growing quickly.

But then again, it might be nice to be shorter.

I hear that some people don’t like being tall.

It doesn’t really matter, because I don’t know what’s best anyway.

Dancing around makes me feel really excited.

After dancing a lot, I stop and get a drink.

It’s made of squeezed fruit, and it’s really good.

I really like sweet fruit drinks.

When Alice comes here, I want her to try all these nice things we have to eat and drink here in the village.

Is Mister Ilma looking at me with devotion as always I guess he is, because he’s moved to tears and singing a song praising me.

When did he even make a song about me I’m a bit surprised.

He was holding it together while he was singing, but he started crying the second the song was over.

He can get it together and do things right when it’s necessary, but still, it’s just like him.

Miss Shehan wipes away his tears with an exasperated look on her face.

I guess their relationship is slowly changing, but in the end, I don’t really get how it changed in the past year.

There’s probably a lot that only they understand.

Having people celebrate my birthday is such a fun and happy thing.

I want to celebrate the birthdays of people I care about a lot too.

Saying happy birthday, giving them presents, seeing them happy… I really love this village so much.

Mister Delaigal is here to celebrate too, and he brought me specialties from Rezzed.

There was a delegation sent by Mister Migha too to wish me a happy birthday.

There really are a lot of people here.

The gryphons, Scifo, and Doanea are celebrating too.

Mister Douroean also flew nearby to wish me a happy birthday.

The people that arrived here in the village recently were scared when they saw him, but I’m happy he came.

I look around while checking out all the events, and notice Gaius isn’t here, so I leave to go look for him, after telling Miss Lan about it.

I walk around while I wonder where he is, but not by myself.

Freinet, Wea, and Scifo are with me.

“Where is he…”

He was dancing with me not too long ago.

I eventually find him a bit far from the square.

“Gaius, what are you doing”

“Lerunda You’re the main star today, are you sure it’s ok for you to be out here”


It’s just for a bit.”

What is he doing here

“It’s fun celebrating with everyone, but I just wanted to get away from all the noise for a bit.”

“I see…”

I like it when everyone is excited too, but relaxing in a more quiet place is also nice.

I guess Gaius just wanted to be somewhere quiet too.

—Girl and thirteenth birthday – Part two

(The miko dances and talks on her thirteenth birthday.)



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