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Chapter 378 – Girl and expanding connections – Part eight

Back when we were just a few people making a village, we couldn’t imagine how many people would come here, and how many connections we would build.

Our world really is changing, and it really is expanding.

Interacting with the world around us really makes me feel that.

Right now, this village has three major connections.

The first is the Kingdom of Migha.

The country ruled by Hicked Migha, and the country where Alice lives.

Our connection to this place is becoming deeper.

The second is the Kingdom of Lunid.

I’ve never been there, but it’s a big country that’s beyond the forest.

Apparently there are lots of races there.

I wonder how they live.

I hope we can be friends.

The third is Rezzed of the Confederation of Saff, the country ruled by Mister Delaigal’s older brother.

They say they have a lot of trouble with Fairytrof.

Our connection with them is probably going to become deeper too.

I’m looking forward to meeting Mister Delaigal’s older brother too.

Those are the three countries we’re connected with right now, but as the village gets bigger, I’m sure it’s going to be connected with the outside world even more.

Each country probably has its own thoughts on the miko too.

I’m sure not everyone wants the position of miko, or wants to fight over it.

I’ve never met anyone like this, but if there are all sorts of ways of thinking in this world, there’s probably people out there that hate the miko too.

That makes me feel like being connected with the outside world is not all good, but I’m sure it’s also not all bad.

And if we want to change, and we want to be connected with the outside world, we have to accept those changes and adapt.

Our world is expanding and our connections are growing, but how is the village going to change as our world expands even more

If we take in lots more people and this place really becomes a country… I’m imagining a future I don’t even know if it will come.

“You were the first one I met, Scifo.”


(That’s right.)”

I say while patting Scifo, and he nods.

Thinking back, my world and my connections were really small in the village where I was born.

I only knew that house and that village.

It felt normal that Alice was treated like she was special, and I was treated like I was creepy because I wasn’t special.

Scifo was the first one I met when I was abandoned by that place.

I met Scifo, he took me to the gryphons, and that led me to meet Gaius and the others.

I’m a miko of the sky god, so it’s a little easier for beings that fly to like me, but I’m sure it was a coincidence that we met.

That coincidence led to my world expanding, and now, my world and my connections are still expanding a lot more.

“Scifo, I think, that as I become a grown up, I’m going to be involved with a lot more people.

I might have to get involved with bad people too.”



“But even as my world expands and I have to deal with that kind of people, I know there’s lots of good people too.”

There are bad people in this world, but I know there’s even more good people.

“That’s why I’m really excited.

I’ll probably get to meet and be friends with wonderful people.”


(That sounds nice.)”


But even if I expand my connections, I want to make sure to treasure the people I’ve been friends with all this time.

Even if my world expands… What I already had before it did is really important to me.”

That’s why I pray that the people that are important to me, and this place that’s so important to me, are still at peace even as my connections expand.

That even if I start talking with more people, and something happens, I can still smile with the people I care about.

The miko isn’t an absolute being, but I still pray that these wishes come true, to the god watching over me.

My world started expanding the day I met Scifo, and it’s still expanding now.

But that probably means there are more fences too.

More bad things might happen too, but I’m sure that also means more good connections.

I’m going to live while treasuring these expanding connections, and have fun as my world expands.

I have this determination in my heart.

—Girl and expanding connections – Part eight

(The miko thinks about her connections expanding, with resolve in her heart.)


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