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Chapter 377 – Girl and expanding connections – Part seven

In the end, we decide to accept Mister Delaigal and the others, and start a relationship with them.

We could’ve chosen not to start a relationship with them, but we want to make our village big enough that no one can mess with it, so we need to expand our connections.

The fact that this is going to bring change is scary.

Making a decision like this is enough for things to change in some way.

But still, we’ve decided to start a relationship with the people of Rezzed.

Mister Delaigal smiles beautifully and says he’s glad we made this choice.

Some of the women here in the village look at him with a kind of dazed look on their faces, I guess because he’s beautiful.

And he has the kindest look on his face when he talks about his older brother.

Me and my sister weren’t always as friendly as we are now.

We talk to each other nowadays, and I feel like we’re slowly getting used to being normal sisters, but… It’s not like we were always close.

I can’t help but smile when I see that these two brothers apparently get along really well.

Mister Delaigal smiles at me.

I think he has a good opinion of the miko.

After all, he’s here because he thinks being closer with the miko will help the future of Rezzed.

I get a little worried, thinking about the future of a small country of that confederation being related to me.

My life is fun and peaceful here in the village, so it’s easy to forget, but… I have to remember that the being called the miko has a really big power of influence.

Having that said, Miss Lan and the others tell me I should do what I want.

Still, I have to keep that sort of thing in mind a bit, even though it’s important to follow my instincts and do what I want.

“Mister Delaigal, you really like your brother, don’t you”

“My brother is incredible.

I would do anything for him.

If you chose to become his enemy, I wouldn’t show mercy even if you are the miko.

Although I would much prefer it if you didn’t, because I don’t want to be the miko’s enemy.”

Mister Delaigal really is unshakable.

He says something like that without mincing words in front of me and people of this village.

“I can tell by talking to you that your brother is probably really wonderful.

And I don’t get a bad feeling about it at all.”

My intuition isn’t perfect, but I think a person is good if I don’t get a bad feeling about them.

Mister Delaigal smiles.

Is it because I complimented his brother I can tell by looking at him that his brother and King of Rezzed must be wonderful.

Afterwards, Mister Delaigal is taken on a walk around the village, under watch by some villagers.

I think he’s visited other countries, because he’s the younger brother of a king, but apparently there are a lot of things about this village that are different from other places and stand out as strange.

Things that are normal to me, like the spirits, spirit trees, Doanea, gryphons, and other things, don’t exist anywhere else.

And it must be strange that many different races live here.

I’m sure it’s surprising for Mister Delaigal that there are many races with different ways of thinking living in the same place.

“Rezzed is involved with quarrels between humans, so living with other races like this seems nice.”

The Confederation of Saff is in risk of breaking apart.

They should be a group of humans who came together to pursue the same goals, but they’re all fractured.

The more a country grows, the more people with different opinions gather, and at some point something might cause it to break apart.

The population of our village is growing, and we want it to be a country.

Creating a country where we won’t have to lose anyone.

That’s the vow I made with Gaius.

But creating a country won’t be the end of it.

Life will go on after that.

I feel like this is really difficult, when this thought crosses my mind.

But even if it’s hard, I really want us to accomplish our goal.

After looking around the village and looking impressed by it, Mister Delaigal goes back to Rezzed.

I wonder what Rezzed is like.

We are going to be more involved with them from now on, and we’re going to meet his older brother.

Are we even going to visit Rezzed too

A place I don’t know, and people I’ve never met.

I might still meet them someday.

“Gaius, how are things going to change now that we’re involved with Mister Delaigal and his people”

“There’s definitely going to be change… But I’m a little worried that it’s not all going to be good.”

“That’s true.

But there’s probably going to be lots of good changes.”


Widening our world comes with all sorts of changes.

I wonder how things are going to be different next time Mister Delaigal comes here.

—Girl and expanding connections – Part seven

(The miko’s village and a small country of the confederation start an amicable relationship.)



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