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Chapter 376 – Girl and expanding connections – Part six

It might be a problem to feel these things about someone I just met, but…

Mister Delaigal feels really radiant and sincere, so I have a good feeling about him.

After talking to him, Miss Lan has a serious look on her face.

It’s not like we can just say we like them so we’ll help them, or anything like that.

It would be one thing if it was just him, but he’s responsible for all the lives of a small country.

That means getting involved with Mister Delaigal means getting involved with lots of other things too.

Would it be a good idea to accept them and get involved with them Would it be good for this place

It really is complicated.

“…That person is terrifying in a way.

I think he is the type of person that talks and presents himself in a way that makes people want to be on his side.

I believe getting involved with someone with this kind of charisma can be bad.

Of course, it can also be good, but getting involved with him and the king he idolizes might influence us and agitate our village.”

It sounds like Miss Lan has a lot to say about Mister Delaigal.

He has the charm to kind of attract other people, and make them want to be on his side.

That means that if we feel like we want to take his hand, and then actually do it, it won’t necessarily lead to a good result.

That’s what Miss Lan is saying.

She said something about agitating, but what kind of path do they think that would put us on I look at Miss Lan while I wonder about that.

She turns my way, and continues.

“That charm of his means that if we do form a friendly relationship, and we have a difference of opinion about something, there’s a good chance that will create a schism.

Our goal is to build a place where we won’t have to lose anyone, but if they present a different goal, there’s a good chance we won’t fulfill ours and instead be suppressed by them.”

If we start getting along with Mister Delaigal and the people of Rezzed in any shape or form, and start some sort of relationship between us, that could lead to trouble if we feel a different way about something.

If views we’ve never heard of in this village start coming in, it might lead to something like what happened with Mister Roma.

But this time it wouldn’t be just one person, it could be a big turning point…

In a way, he’s incredible… And scary.

That charisma of his gives him lots of influence.

And if the younger brother is like this, just how influential is the older brother

We need to keep that power of influence in our minds as we decide what to do.

“…It’s difficult… But I don’t get a bad feeling about getting involved with Mister Delaigal, so I feel like I want to get involved more.

I’m interested in him and his brother.”

“Yes, I’m also curious.

I think they sound interesting, and getting involved with them would obviously have its merits.

I’m sure their influence would also have positive results.

It’s difficult to decide what to do.

Pushing them away here would be abandoning them.”

Mister Delaigal and the others are in trouble.

That’s why they came to us.

There’s a good chance that it’ll be terrible for them if we refuse them, but… I’m sure we’ll have to make lots of choices like this.

…From what we’ve heard, I feel like Mister Delaigal’s unwavering will comes from how much he cares about his older brother, and how that’s the most important thing to him.

“Lerunda, you don’t have to look so sullen.

You’re the miko, but that doesn’t mean we are going to push you to make these choices alone.

If we decide not to accept them, and end up abandoning them, everyone will be responsible.

We will talk without rushing and state our opinions.

You want to accept them, right”


There might be changes because of that, but I feel like I want us to keep being involved with them.”

“I… Mostly feel that way too.

But we can’t decide this on our own.

Still, it will be interesting if we do accept them.”

Says Miss Lan, and I nod.

We listen to the opinions of everyone in the village as we decide what to do about Mister Delaigal and the others.

Regardless of what we decide, I’m sure our village is going to keep changing.

—Girl and expanding connections – Part six

(The miko and the educator talk about their views on the king and his younger brother.)



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