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Chapter 375 – Girl and expanding connections – Part five

Delaigal Saff Rezzed.

The person calling himself this has beautiful silver hair and light purple eyes.

He’s pretty.

I think he’s really charming, in how bold and full of confidence he looks.

And his name is really long.

Saff is the name of the confederation, and I remember that Rezzed is the name of that small country too.

So, if he’s the younger brother of the king, that makes him the younger brother of the most important person in that country.

Still, if they brought them here from Migha, that must mean they really earned their trust.

And now that I’m standing here in front of them, I still don’t get a bad feeling at all.

But why do they want to get involved with the miko, me, so badly that they came all the way here

They must be really determined, if they’re willing to risk their lives coming here.

First, this Mister Delaigal is taken to a room in a building in the village.

This building was built specifically with interactions with outsiders in mind.

Mister Delaigal and the person who looks to be an escort must have nerves of steel.

“So, you are here as a representative of the King of Rezzed, but why does he want to become involved with the miko”

“Rezzed, the country ruled by my brother, is in a very difficult position in the Confederation of Saff.

The confederation is split between countries that wish to start a war with the Kingdom of Fairytrof, and those that oppose it.

There have been skirmishes with Fairytrof, which have been troubling my brother greatly, since he doesn’t want war.

We want to find a way to break through this situation somehow.”

Says Mister Delaigal, in response to Miss Lan.

I feel like he really likes the king, his older brother, a lot.

His voice sounds very soft when he talks about him, and I can feel his love and respect for him.

Still, I get that they’re in trouble and want to find a solution, but I don’t see how that leads to them wanting to meet me.

Do they actually think that just having the miko with them will solve their problems That way of thinking sounds scary to me… But it doesn’t feel like that’s it.

I should be getting a bad feeling if they really are planning to use me.

“You say you want to break through that situation, but what do you want to do exactly”

“For example, using the name of the miko to make it easier for Rezzed to do things.

My brother has also been thinking about relocating the people of Rezzed to ensure their survival.

We don’t believe meeting the miko will solve everything, but my brother believes being involved with the miko might change things.”

“That’s a relief.

It doesn’t seem like you want us to hand over the miko to you.”

“No, I won’t say that.

Creating ties to the miko is one thing, but having the miko in Rezzed would just make things even more troublesome.

My brother has responsibilities to fulfill as the King of Rezzed, but that is all.

He doesn’t have any wild ambitions.”

Mister Delaigal’s expression is soft when he says his brother is a king but doesn’t have any ambition to go even higher.

He really likes his brother a lot.

Still, the idea of someone with that responsibility but no ambition is strange.

I wonder what kind of person he is.

“Is that the general consensus of Rezzed You and the king might feel that way, but what about the others You want Rezzed to become involved with the miko, and for a connection with her to help break through that situation, but don’t you think others might want to take her away If such unsavory people appear, what does Rezzed plan to do about it”

“There are very few people in Rezzed who would do something that goes against my brother’s wishes.

Rather, we have purged those who would act against my brother’s wishes.”

So basically, he loves his brother, so he doesn’t show mercy towards people that oppose him.

I think this person’s intentions are pretty clear.

We couldn’t make things this clear when there was that trouble with Mister Roma.

And as we keep making connections with the outside world, I’m sure there are going to be times when I’m not sure what to do.

I hesitate, struggle as I think about things, and talk to people about them as I make decisions.

But Mister Delaigal feels like he’ll know exactly what to do at any time.

It feels like the way his brother thinks is absolute to him, and he’ll be on his side no matter what.

And he’ll never hesitate as long as it’s for his brother.

And it’s because of that unwavering will that he came all the way, and looks so dignified.

—Girl and expanding connections – Part five

(The brother of the king of a country of the confederation arrives at the miko’s village, and shows no hesitation.)



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