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Chapter 374 – Girl and expanding connections – Part four

The people that went to Migha and the ones that went to Lunid aren’t back yet.

I spend my days looking forward to them coming back.

Life here in the village is very peaceful.

We’re slowly improving the village and making it into a bigger place.


(The wind feels nice.)”

I’m riding Scifo as we stroll around the village.

This also means we’re patrolling.

We’re being watchful to see if anything bad happens, because there are more people here now.

We have gryphons walking with us too.

It’s fun walking around while feeling the warm light of the sun.

Other people from the village patrol too, so I might be just patrolling for my own sake, but I still like going around with everyone.

We go around slowly, and I say hello to people as we pass them.

Not a lot of monsters come near this village, at least in part because I’m the miko.

Miss Lan says there are people among the ones that only started living here recently that assume that’s just the way it is.

Newcomers to the village are taken along to take down monsters with beast people and knights sometimes.

Especially now that lots of people came from Migha.

Of course, not everyone is good at fighting, but it’s also to make them understand the safety of this place isn’t guaranteed.

This village was built on unexplored territory, so lots of monsters live here.

I don’t know how it would be with the gryphons, Scifo, and Doanea if we didn’t form a contract, and there are also monsters like that plant monster we fought with the elves out there…

Those monsters are rare, but who knows when we’ll meet another one… Thinking about this really makes me want to be ready for when something like that happens.

“Hihi, hin.

(It looks like you’re having fun, Lerunda.)”

“Yes, a lot.

I’m really excited.

I’m happy that we’re going to be involved with more people, but I’ll be happier if they’re not afraid of you.”

“Hihim hihihin.

(We are monsters, so it makes sense for them to be scared.)”

“Yes, but I don’t like it.

You’re my family.”

There are lots of different people in this world, but it’s rare for someone to form contracts with monsters like I did.

I didn’t see anyone like that in Migha either.

It’s not like I know everything about Migha, and there probably are more people out there that are like that… But still, some people are going to be scared about having beings like Scifo in their lives.

Living with monsters… I hope this is still a place where Scifo and the gryphons can walk around normally, even as it grows into a country.

Will it be all right if I can make people understand my family isn’t dangerous

With this in mind, my family has been helping and interacting with the newcomers, to make sure they accept them.

“I want everyone to get along with you and Reimar and the others, but if something happens that you don’t like, say so.

You’re my family, so you don’t have to tolerate everything.

There might be people that will be mean to you.”

I say while patting Scifo, and he agrees.

The more people there are, the more complicated their relationships are too, as far as who likes who and who doesn’t like who.

I’ve heard that we need to smooth things over when there’s trouble, before things like someone not wanting to be with another person because they don’t like them starts happening.

Even if the village grows and people become comrades, I won’t like it if they do something to Scifo and the others, even if they live here with me.

I need to think about what I should do if something like that happens.

The gryphons and Scifo say they’re on my side above anything else.

Right now, no one in the village says they hate someone else here… But I might feel those emotions someday too.

I go around with Scifo and the others while I think about this.

And then, I hear the people that went to Migha are back.

But they have two people with them I don’t recognize.

There’s a lot of confusion in the village, because we didn’t think they would bring people with them.

I’m surprised too.

Those two people look very calm, even though they’ve been brought to a new place all of a sudden.

It’s incredible how composed they are, after being brought to a place where they have no friends to speak of.

“I am Delaigal Saff Rezzed, and I am here on behalf of my older brother, the King of Rezzed, Shuongalve Saff Rezzed.”

This person says boldly.

—Girl and expanding connections – Part four

(The younger brother of the king of a country of the confederation comes to the miko’s village.)


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