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Chapter 367 – Girl and a letter from her sister – Part one

To Lerunda.

It’s me, Alice.

I’m a little nervous.

I’ve never written a letter like this.

I haven’t had many opportunities to write letters in the first place, so I didn’t think I would be writing one to you.

The way we talked and called each other by our names still feels like a dream to me.

I’m still working as Princess Ninaev’s waiting maid.

I’m happy that I’m still learning how to do more things.

Princess Ninaev looks happy about it too.

I hear King Hicked is still working hard to change this country.

I don’t really understand this complicated stuff, but I think it’s great how he’s working to accomplish his goals, regardless of what other people say.

Princess Ninaev is also doing her best to support him.

I still don’t know what I want to do with my life, but right now I only think about being of help to Princess Ninaev.

I don’t have a big goal like you, but my days serving Princess Ninaev have been very fulfilling.

I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

I’m sure you’re working hard to accomplish your goal, and it must be very difficult, but take care of yourself, and be well.


Knights who came from Migha handed me a letter from Alice.

Reading it gives me a warm feeling.

I also have that feeling that talking to Alice was like a dream.

But receiving this letter makes me feel deep inside that I really did go to Migha, and I really did talk to Alice.

That realization makes me happy.

The Kingdom of Migha and this village are connected now.

Miss Lan says relations with Migha are an important part of making this village bigger, and we can now get our hands on things we couldn’t before.

That sort of change makes me happy.

Alice’s letter came with a handkerchief too.

It says it matches one she has that’s a different color.

Apparently she found a nice shop in Migha and bought it there.

I want to give her something too, so I want to send something along with my response.

I hear that in big places, people don’t all make everything, and there are people who specialize in making things like handkerchiefs.

We all have to make things together in the village, and if we don’t, we don’t have those things, but the capital is full of them.

The capital of Migha really is a lot different than this village.

The knights from Migha stay here for a while, and then go back to Migha.

They take things made here in the village with them that they will be selling in Migha.

One of Mister Sadda’s merchants goes with them.

Buying and selling things isn’t easy.

Mister Sadda says not everyone involved is a good person.

Bad people exaggerate prices, steal profits, and things like that.

He told me a lot of merchants are self-interested like that.

Some people only care about how much they can profit, so I should be careful about that when I buy something.

I need to learn more about the prices of things.

“…What am I going to give to Alice… Does she know about prices and that sort of thing Should I ask her”

What should I give her

She lives in the capital, where there are a lot more things than here in the village.

And since she’s working, she has money too.

I wonder what she wants.

What would make her happy

I think about that for a while, and also decide to ask her about the value of things in the letter I’m sending.

Alice and I can think about all sorts of things together, and talk a lot too.

But still, our relationship as sisters is just beginning.

Relationships between people are difficult, so I don’t know how ours is going to grow.

I don’t want that to happen, but we might end up getting mad at each other and going our own separate ways again.

But I want us to have a good relationship.

I walk around the village while thinking about what to give her, and as I meet different people, I ask them their opinion.

Some of them have never met Alice, and don’t know our circumstances.

Hearing these people’s views is fun too.

But the more opinions I hear, the more confused I am.

But trying to come with an idea for a present to give to Alice is actually fun too.

—Girl and a letter from her sister – Part one

(The miko receives a letter from her sister.)



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