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Chapter 360 – Girl and returning from the kingdom – Part two

“We received so much information in the Kingdom of Migha! I have so much to compile!”

“You sound excited.”

“Yes! It’s so much information.

This village is still being developed, but we got our hands on money as well, and we can aim towards deepening our relationship with Migha from now on.”

Miss Lan has been inside all this time compiling the information we got in Migha.

She still ends up skipping meals from time to time, so me and others have to remind her when it’s time to eat.

Now that she’s compiling it like this, I think it’s amazing how much information we got.

I guess I didn’t notice before because I’m not as good as her at gathering information.

Still, we experienced a lot in Migha, and that information will be used to develop our village.

And I guess we’re going to need more stores as the population grows.

It’d be fun to have a place where we can eat things like sweets.

It’s just more to look forward to.

“Miss Lan, what is going to be built next”

“Hm… Maybe an eatery We have money, but not enough to start giving it as a reward.

It would be good if we could produce our own money.

There’s a place in the mountains where we can get ore, so maybe we should consider minting coins.

But we are purposefully making sure others don’t know about our village, so… It wouldn’t be easy to use that money outside.

It’s important to go to Migha and acquire money there, but also to go to the country on the other side and get money there as well.

We also need to make paths where we can more easily walk…

It won’t be easy to turn this village into a country, but its well on it’s way to becoming a town.”

“I see.

The scale is getting pretty big.

More people are coming little by little, and this place is being developed… It makes me really happy.

It’s exciting, like we made something from scratch.”

“That’s right.

And you cleared away your ill feelings with Alice in Migha.

That might give you a more positive outlook for the future as well.”


Alice has been on my mind for so long, but now we’re really sisters.

I’m happy about that, and I think I’m more excited about various things than before.

None of those things will be easy, but the village will slowly develop and become bigger.

The fact that I’m the miko hasn’t been announced yet.

I guess that’s why I can take it easy like this.

There’s a good chance that when it’s become known that I’m the miko, people will come after my power, and my peaceful days will end.

I have to prepare for that.

“Miss Lan, we haven’t told people I’m the miko, and Gaius is one of the ‘miko’s knights’, right”


We don’t think it’s necessary to tell them yet.

There’s a lot of confusion between them after coming to this place as it is.

We don’t know what giving them that information all of a sudden might do to them.

We need to be especially careful with how we tell them about Gaius, because he’s become like a god to them.

Mister Dongu and the others are organizing this place, but if these new people see Gaius as a god, they might be upset that he’s not the one in charge.

The same could be said for you, Lerunda.”



It’s fine for now because we don’t have that many people here, but eventually there might be people who are upset about the miko not standing on top, and listening to others.

As people with this mentality increase… You and Gaius might have to become sort of like symbols.

Of course, we’ll support you, but that might mean things will get more complicated for you.”

Miss Lan says, sounding concerned.

“It’s all right.

I talked with Gaius about it.

It’s all right because we’re not alone.

We have everyone, so it’s all right even if it gets like that.

Even if it’s not soon, if I’m in that position one day, I’ll puff out my chest and stand in that position for the village.”

“Fufu, you’re very reliable.

I can’t wait to see you two stand proud as the miko and a ‘knight of the miko’.”


Miss Lan and I keep talking.

Gaius and I might have to take positions at the top here.

Step forward and say what we think, like Mister Dongu and the others do know.

We have to be bold and dignified like them.

But I can do it as long as Miss Lan, Gaius, and the others are with me.

—Girl and returning from the kingdom – Part two

(The miko and the educator talk, and think about the future.)



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