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Chapter 358 – The king speaks with his brother

There have been skirmishes between the Confederation of Saff and the Kingdom of Fairytrof.

This troubles me a lot.

At this rate, the movement to make the entire confederation make war on Fairytrof is going to increase in activity.

That’s something Rezzed can’t accept.

And so, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, not knowing what to do.

Why are they putting on airs against Fairytrof like idiots anyway They should know how this will end if they looked at it more realistically.

For now, we’re still holding it back from becoming an all-out war, but it’s starting to look like it’s only a matter of time.

That’s the position that the Confederation of Saff has fallen into.

Seriously, why do I have to be the leader of Rezzed, one of the countries of the confederation of Saff

It feels terrifying knowing that with one decision, I hold the fate of all the citizens of Rezzed in my hands.

I really wish this weight wasn’t on my shoulders.

But what can I do What is the best choice I can make

I can’t help but just wish I had the power to do more for this country.

My goal is to find a path that ensures the survival of Rezzed.

Becoming a vassal might actually be the best choice, but… I need to find a way to compromise.

I keep hoping for my fantastic brother Delai to come up with some sort of idea, but I can’t just rely on him.

If I give up on his path and leave everything to Delai and the others, I might leave him disillusioned.

He has an unreasonable amount of faith in me, so I don’t want to disappoint my little brother.

“If we’re carried into a war like this, it will bring us nothing but trouble… What do I do…”

I whisper while doing my job as king.

Whether or not there is a war coming, I can’t let the country fall into ruin.

I have to maintain its peace.

Still, the future looks very uncertain.

Delai then comes to me.

“Brother, we have received information that the miko has visited the Kingdom of Migha! Apparently she is not living there, but if we could be connected with the real miko… Don’t you think it will all work out somehow”

“Miko The real one”


The miko is not in Migha, or Fairytrof… So that got me thinking about where she could be, and I reached the conclusion that she could be in the forest next to our country.

The forest is crawling with monsters, but a special being like the miko could probably survive in there.

If that is the case, the forest borders Rezzed, so we could go to where she lives.”

“Well, that would be the case if everything is as you think it is… But we don’t know if the miko really is there.

But still, regardless of where she lives, building a connection between her and Rezzed would surely open up all sorts of possibilities for us.”

“Of course! I knew you would think so.

That is why I sent some people to Migha.

It seems the miko has left already, and I hear she went towards the forest, just as I suspected.

I think my guess is actually right.

Of course, we couldn’t make contact with the miko herself, but we have learned that the Kingdom of Migha and her have some sort of relationship, so we should build a friendly relationship with Migha.

I will start working to make this happen, if I can have your permission.”

Says Delai.

His ability to collect information really is incredible.

Every time, I think he’s much better suited to be king than me.

“So you’ve investigated that far… Incredible Delai.

Are you sure you don’t want to be king”

“Again, brother We are all united like this precisely because you are king.



We should make it a goal, in order to contact the miko.

If Migha and the miko are interacting, it’s important that we make contact with them.

But Fairytrof is between us and Migha.

We could go around through the forest, but the monsters make it very dangerous.”

“Yes, but I will do something about that.

I will do anything to make sure you can stand on the brightest stage.”

“Oou, I see.

Just don’t overdo it.

The idea of having a friendly relationship with the miko sounds good, but I don’t want you and the others to die for it.”

“Of course.

Look forward to hearing about it, brother.

I will bring you the result you wish for.”

Delai says with a nice smile.

Will building a relationship with the miko really increase the options for the future of the Rezzed

After what happened with The Kingdom of Fairytrof when they mistook someone else for the miko, I highly doubt they want to make an enemy out of the real one.

If getting in contact with the miko can be a path of survival for Rezzed, that would be very good.

Still, I can’t really imagine everything will go well even if we do meet her, so I still have to keep thinking about this and trying to come up with solutions.

—The king speaks with his brother

(One of the kings of the confederation speaks with his younger brother, and thinks about strengthening ties with the miko.)



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