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Chapter 352 – Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part ten


“…So many people…”

We’re walking around in the capital.

The king being here means there’s really lots of people in this place.

I let out an excited voice, and Gaius sounds a little wary.

Gaius hasn’t been walking around too much here in the Kingdom of Migha, because he’s a beast person.

He’s probably feeling nervous with so many humans around too.

It’s not like all humans are enemies of beast people.

Gaius has been getting along with the soldiers from Migha that are in our village, but I guess it’s still scary when there are so many humans in one place.

I’m sure it’s all right, because I’m not getting a bad feeling, but… I think it’s natural for Gaius to feel scared like that.

I grab his hand.

“Is there somewhere you want to go”

I ask, and Gaius laughs while looking surprised.

“…I’ve never walked around such a big place, so I have no idea where to go.

It’s making my head spin.

There’s too many people.”

“Yes, it’s the same for me.

There’s so many things around us that I don’t know where to go.”

There’s only one store in our village, but there’s more than we can count in a big place like this.

People pass by us so fast it makes me dizzy.

It’s like my eyes are spinning.

“Lerunda, Gaius, I will lead the way then.

Let’s stop by places that look interesting.”

Says Miss Lan with a smile.

She’s more used to this sort of big town, so I’m sure we’ll have a fun day if we follow her.

The first place she takes us too is a store that sells tasty sweets.

They’re made with wheat flour and lots of sugar.

They’re good, I can’t think of many times when I’ve eaten something that tastes like this.

It must be pretty difficult for the lady running it, because there’s so many customers.

While we’re eating, a man starts trying to talk to her, but a male employee makes him go away.

I guess that sort of thing happens when there’s so many people.

When our village becomes big like this, this sort of problem is going to happen too, isn’t it

It’d be great if everyone understood each other and were all kind to each other, but that’s just not possible.

Even if I’m the miko and have some influence, that’s something I can’t make happen.

But I don’t think I’d want to do that anyway.

If I was that sort of being, even if I lived here, it’d feel the same as if I didn’t.

“It’s good.”

“It really is.”

“Fufu, that’s great.”

Gaius and I say it’s good, and Miss Lan and other people around us smile as they watch us respond.

Eating something tasty in this way is good too.

In our village, we don’t really have a culture of paying for things with money to get them.

Apparently Miss Lan has been selling things she brought from the village for money.

We used some of that money on what we’re eating.

I’ve been learning a little about how to use money here in Migha.

Our village is slowly going to be more connected with the outside world, so getting our hands on money is part of setting the groundwork to expand our village.

I’m happy about that.

I’m happy that it feels like we’re slowly getting closer to the future Gaius and I, no, everyone dreams of.

Getting to explore Migha like this is great, and talking to Alice was great too.

It was really fun talking to her.

“Lerunda and Gaius, how about we stop by some bookstores”

“That’s just what you want to do, Landouno.”

“…I guess that’s part of it! But I think it would be nice for us to buy books for Lerunda and Gaius.

You can learn a lot by getting your hands on books!!”

After eating something sweet, Miss Lan is taking us to a bookstore.

I’m sure she really wants to visit bookstores, but I think she also said that because she really thinks it will be good for us.

Gaius and I look at each other, laugh a little, and nod.

“I want to see if there are any books about spirits.”


I want to know how much this country is involved with spirits.”

Say Freinet and Wea, agreeing with Miss Lan’s suggestion.

I haven’t seen any spirits in this country yet, and apparently neither have Freinet and Wea.

But if this country is involved in any way with spirits, we want to know.

Wea looks especially interested in the world outside the village, because she was sleeping for so long.

When we step inside the first bookstore, Gaius and I are surprised to see more books than we’ve ever seen.

And apparently books are pretty expensive, because they’re a lot more expensive than the sweets we ate.

Miss Lan grabs all sorts of books, and Gaius and I each pick a book we’re interested in.

It feels like just exploring a little here in the Kingdom of Migha leads to learning lots of things.

It’s really exciting.

—Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part ten

(The miko has fun exploring the capital.)



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