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Chapter 343 – Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part one

We’ve entered the Kingdom of Migha.

…Honestly, that fact alone makes me feel weird.

I ran away from this place with beast people a long time ago.

This is my first time stepping foot in this kingdom, but beast people must feel a deep connection to it.

Oh, and my sister is here.

My family that’s connected to me by blood, but isn’t really family.

I get excited thinking about seeing her.

Also, even now that we’re here in the Kingdom of Migha, I still don’t get a bad feeling.

This feeling that I get as the miko is telling me that Migha isn’t an enemy.

Still, even if the country as a whole doesn’t have bad feelings towards us, and even if the king Hicked Migha isn’t thinking of doing anything, that doesn’t mean other people won’t do something.

“All right, let’s do our best.”

I say to fire myself up.

Gaius is next to me, and smiles.

He’s been looking nervous for a while, so I’m glad to see him smiling.

“Yes, I’ll do my best too.”


We nod to each other.

The adults around us smile like they’re seeing something adorable.

“Well then, we will be heading towards the capital of the Kingdom of Migha.

It could be dangerous, but we have to go to the capital to speak with the king.

But first of all, let’s try to not draw attention.

Our goal here is to save beast people from Nirushi’s village.

Let’s make sure no one except the king learns about our village.

And Miss Suji, please try to make sure people can’t tell you are an elf.

I’m sure people in this kingdom aren’t used to seeing elves.”

Says Miss Lan, and we all nod.

Now it’s time to go to the capital of Migha.

The capital is a little far from here.

If I used physical strengthening magic and ran, or flew, I could probably get there faster, but that would draw too much attention.

It’s not really common to see beast people walking around in Migha, so they need to be careful not to draw attention too.

That means it’s up to humans like me to talk to people here and gather information.

Miss Lan says with kind of a scheming face that if I talk to them, they’ll lower their guard and tell us all sorts of things.

Apparently people talk more when they’re talking to kids.

But it’s true that I have an easier time talking to younger kids and smiling people than to gloomy looking people.

And I can probably make lots of decisions based on my intuition as the miko.

We reach a small village close to the forest.

I don’t see beast people here.

The King of Migha liberated the slaves, so I hear there’s a good number of beast people in the capital, but people in this village look down on beast people and say bad things about them.

It makes me feel a little bad, but Miss Lan says ‘those ideas have been seeping into their minds for a long time, so we can’t expect them to change their way of thinking right away’.

That means only humans in our group entered the village.

I don’t know how people in Migha’s villages would treat beast people, but judging by what they say, it’s probably a good idea for only humans like us to be here.

“I guess new ideas haven’t reached more remote regions.

And it’s not like everyone in the capital accepts beast people as people either.

We really should be cautious.

Still, it’s not like they’re really bad people just for feeling this way.

They just have those ideas because they were taught to feel like they are the natural order of things.

Most people believe everything they are taught by people at the top.

They don’t even have a chance to feel like there is something wrong with it, they just accept it as the correct way of thinking.

The King of Migha is walking a treacherous path.

I have never met him, but just the fact that he chose this path makes me believe we can trust him.

If I were in his place, I would find it very difficult to do all this.”

Says Miss Lan after we leave the village.

She says if she were in his place, it’d be hard for her to go against her superiors, take the throne, and try to change the way people think on a basic level, like Hicked Migha.

What would I do

I try to think about it, but it’s not like I really understand what royalty is like, or the idea of having to kill family.

All I know is that it takes a lot of resolve.

Hicked Migha took action with a lot of resolve.

…That prince I saw once that time, is now a king…

I’m really wondering what he’s like now.

—Girl and the Kingdom of Migha – Part one

(The miko enters the Kingdom of Migha and heads to its capital.)


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