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Chapter 342 – Girl and the road to the Kingdom of Migha – Part two

After taking a break in what used to be the elf’s village, we start walking again towards Migha.

Walking to Migha means we’ll probably go through what used to be Gaius’ village too.

That feels strange.

Maybe it’s because we’re getting close to the village where he was born, but Gaius feels strange too, like that time when we made the vow.


I reach over to Gaius.

He hesitates a little, but then grabs my hand.

I think holding hands can make people feel better.

I think that if someone is sad or anxious or anything like that, holding hands with someone they care about can help get over those feelings.

I hope holding hands with me makes Gaius feel better too.

We also reach the lake where we met Mister Sileva and the others.

Camping here feels weird too.

We were so worried the last time we were here, but now we feel completely different.

I talk to Gaius about our memories of this place while we walk.

Miss Lan and the others smile as they look at us, and Gaius looks a little embarrassed.

What’s there to be embarrassed about

But when I ask him if he wants to let go of my hand, he doesn’t.

We keep moving forward at a relaxed pace, until we reach what was the wolf beast people’s village.

It’s still burned down, just as we left it… Everything’s decaying too, because no one’s lived here in a while.

Being here makes me think of Mister Athos.

He was really important to me, and I liked him a lot.

I look over to Gaius, and he’s biting his lip.


“I’m all right, Lerunda.”

“…You don’t look all right.

If there’s something on your mind, don’t hold it back, say it.”

I was with Mister Athos for a lot less time than Gaius, but it makes me sad, and it hurts.

I’m sure he’s feeling even worse… It’s hard not to ask why something like that had to happen, even though that won’t solve anything.

We thought to make a country to do something about this.

The way I felt back then, when I made a vow with Gaius, is coming back to me.

Our lives in the village where we live now are relatively peaceful and calm, but the peace we had in this beast people’s village collapsed all of a sudden.

We’re working to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Going to Migha is also a part of this plan to make a place where everyone can smile.

This is going to include the people that lived in Mister Nirushi’s village… But I think there’s going to be even more people coming.

I don’t know how we can become friends with the people from Migha, but… They could become part of our ‘group’ too.

Obviously, people that live with us in our village come first, but if there can be more people, I’d be happy.

We’re going to the Kingdom of Migha to meet with the king, and I’m going to see my sister.

It feels weird, but coming here to where the wolf beast people village used to be is strangely calming.

Maybe it’s because it feels like Mister Athos is here with us.

It’s like he’s right by our side, giving us a push forward.

“…I have never been to the Kingdom of Migha.

Apparently their king doesn’t see us as enemies, but we still don’t know what might happen.

But still, I’m sure we will all return safely to our village.”

I’m sure a lot is going through Miss Lan’s mind too, as she is back to a place that’s closer to the Kingdom of Migha and the Kingdom of Fairytrof.

I’m kind of calm, but that’s because I’m the miko and don’t get a bad feeling about going to Migha.

I can just sort of feel that because I’m the miko.

“It’s all right, Miss Lan.

I don’t have a bad feeling, so I don’t think anything terrible will happen.”

It’s not like this feeling is absolutely right, but my experience tells me these ‘feelings’ are a great power.

So I try to reassure everyone.

Miss Lan and the others smile.

I think they’re a little more relaxed.

We’ve almost reached the Kingdom of Migha.

I’ll probably meet all sorts of people there.

And this is probably a big step for the village where we live.

I don’t know what will happen, but I’m looking forward to it too.

I’m going to see that boy that’s a little older than me that I saw back then, and is now king, and my sister who I never spoke with.

I think about this as we enter the territory of the Kingdom of Migha.

—Girl and the road to the Kingdom of Migha – Part two

(The miko steps into the Kingdom of Migha.)



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