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Chapter 339 – Girl and preparations to go to the Kingdom of Migha – Part one

It’s been decided that I’m going to Migha.

Some people, like Mister Ilma and Phyto are worried, and at first said I shouldn’t go.

Mister Ilma in particular really went off and said ‘Miss Lerunda, we have no way of knowing what awaits a miko such as yourself in the Kingdom of Migha!! If you are going, I…’.

It doesn’t look like he has a good opinion of my sister, so that probably plays a part too.

I think to him, my sister is just a very rude person that called herself miko… Even though she’s not the one who started saying she was the miko in the first place.

He says he wants to accompany me, but the whole village agrees that it’s not a good idea.

We all think he’ll go crazy if he goes.

I’m just going because I want to see my sister, and to bring back the beast people that want to come to this village.

It would be bad if he started treating me like I’m special.

And I don’t want to threaten my sister’s peaceful life.

…Me, the real miko, and my sister, the one people say called herself miko.

Maybe things will get complicated if we meet.

Still, I want to meet my only sister.

“Pikiiiiiiii!! (I want to go to that country of humans as well!!)”

“…You can’t, Doanea.

It’d be a lot of trouble if a dragon went to a country of humans, right Just stay here and be good.”

“Pikii! Pikiiii! (What! But I want to go!)”

“I said no.”

Doanea wants to come too.

But a dragon showing up in a country of humans would cause a lot of panic.

Miss Lan said ‘it would be one thing if you were visiting as the miko, but since that is not the case, you really should leave Doanea here’.

It’s become natural to see Doanea here in the village, and there are all sorts of different races living here too.

But the Kingdom of Migha isn’t like that, and a dragon is a very rare being.



(That’s right.

We wanted to go too.)”

“Gurururu, rururururuuu.

(If we can’t go, you can’t go either.)”

Say Ruruma and Reimar.

Yes, this time, we can’t take gryphons either.

For me, they are my dear family, but for other people they are scary monsters.

Not being able to go with gryphons makes me feel uneasy.

The gryphons and Scifo have been with me ever since we met.

But even if my family can’t go, I want to see my sister.

It’s still being decided who will be going to Migha, and since the more people go, the less people stay in the village, that has to be discussed too.

I don’t want to think about it, but something bad could happen in Migha.

I don’t have a bad feeling about Migha, but it’s important to discuss what to do in case something happens.

These premonitions of mine aren’t absolutely perfect either, and it’s good to consider lots of things.

It’s decided that it’s mostly humans who will be going to Migha.

I guess it’s obvious, since it’s a country of humans, but since we’re going there to talk to beast people, some beast people will be going too.

Also, the two spirits contracted to me are going too.

People say that will make the path there less dangerous.

Of course, we have to bring people who can fight too.

We have to be ready in case that’s necessary.

I still feel weird about the fact that I’m going to see my sister.

Is she going to want to see me when I get there Is she going to say she wants nothing to do with me

I feel a little anxious about that.

“Guru, gururururu.

(Lerunda, be careful in the Kingdom of Migha.)”


I’ll be careful not to let anything bad happen.”

I make some promises to people like Miss Lan.

Not to run over and get involved even if there’s something I’m curious about, make sure to talk to people and ask for advice if I need it so I don’t get in any danger… That sort of thing.

And since I’m the miko, I have to keep in mind my power of influence.

I have to do my best to not let people in Migha know I’m the miko.

That king called Hicked Migha is one thing, but I don’t know what other humans would do if they found out.

Miss Lan and Wea have both said that wars have been fought over miko.

If I accidentally call attention to myself, it might get in the way of our plans to bring beast people back too.

Once we get there, my goal is just going to be to see my sister, and other than that, I’m going to stay quiet.

That’s what I decide.

—Girl and preparations to go to the Kingdom of Migha – Part one

(The miko starts making preparations to go to the Kingdom of Migha.)



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