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Chapter 329 – Girl and ruins – Part nine

In the end, Wea has to tell me where these vortexes of magic energy are.

I can’t look for them very well, but Wea says ‘we will practice more.

I can’t have the person I’m contracted to be unable to control magic energy well’.

I get the feeling that Wea doesn’t receive a lot of my influence as the miko.

She can see both the miko that lived here a long time ago, and the one who is standing here right now, me.

I think a lot of what she says is because of that.

Wea and I told Miss Lan and the others about the vortexes of magic energy, and we made notes of where they are with Wea’s help.

Miss Lan’s map is based on everyone’s information.

Apparently there’s a vortex of magic energy near our village too.

When we get back, we have to warn everyone not to get close.

“I want you to go to where there is a vortex of magic energy, and offer a prayer.

A prayer from a miko should have some effect at the very least… It would be more effective if you were an earth miko, since it’s easier for them to purify the earth, but there really is no point in lamenting that.”


I’ll pray.”

I guess it really is true that receiving the influence of a different god changes the effects of a miko’s influence too.

I receive the sky god’s influence, so I don’t have a lot of influence over things related to the earth.

But apparently I still have some influence just because I’m a miko.

I guess that means I’ll have to go to these vortexes from time to time, and I’ll keep coming here to the ruins.

Wea says purifying this land like this will make it easier to live in.

“We have to be careful about those dangerous places.”

“But to think there is dangerous magic energy like that in this forest…”

People are surprised to hear what Wea and I have to say.

I’m going to pray near these magic energy vortexes every day while I’m here in the ruins.

Apart from that, we’ll keep exploring the ruins based on what Wea says about what this place was like before.

Since I formed a contract with Wea and she’s exploring with us, Freinet is with other people.

That’s because Miss Lan wants to hear lots more from Wea.

Wea seems a little wary of Miss Lan, but still explains a lot of things.

We look around while listening to Wea, and return to our base at night.

“The country that was here sounds incredible.”


Really great.”

Gaius was exploring somewhere else in the ruins, so we have fun talking about what we saw.

Apparently the country that was here was even bigger than I imagined, and I can really tell by the way Wea talks about it that it was prosperous.

This type of thing really moves my heart, and I think Gaius feels the same way.

“I thought about making a country as big as… No, a lot bigger than the one that was here.

A country where everyone could feel safe and we didn’t have to lose anyone.

I still feel the same way, and everyone’s working hard for it too…

But that was all a vague hope, and as for what we should do, what kind of country is good… There’s a lot I couldn’t even imagine.

We moved into that village, and worked hard to be able to live there, but now the village is finally in order, we can turn our eyes to what’s outside.

We discovered this place, and now we can think about the country that used to be here, and imagine how we want our village to grow.”

“You really are great, Gaius.”

“I’m really not.”

“You are.

I just think about the country that was here and get excited.”

Gaius really is great.

There was that time we made the vow too, but the way Gaius thinks about these things in a different way makes me really think he’s great.

“Yes, but turning the village into a country with lots more people is going to be a lot of trouble.

We might even get into conflicts with other places…”


You’re right.

And because we’re going outside like this too.”

We didn’t choose to stay inside the village.

Instead, we’re going out and getting involved with the world around us.

But if that leads to conflict, that’ll be a lot of trouble.

Still, even if it brings trouble, that’s still our dream.

“I’m glad I came here.

It really makes me want to try harder for the sake of our dream.”


Me too.”

There are things we can’t understand just by hearing other people talking about it.

There’s a lot of things I’ve felt since coming here that I wouldn’t have felt if I stayed back.

This is a great experience for Gaius and I.

After a few days, it’s time to go back to the village.

What am I going to feel next time I come here Is the village going to be changing again when the time comes

—Girl and ruins – Part nine

(The miko and the beast boy talk in the ruins.)



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