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Chapter 326 – The sister’s choice

Princess Ninaev is back.

Ever since she got back from Migha, she looks like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders.

I’m glad she was able to meet with the King of Migha.

When she’s happy, I’m happy too, like it’s something that happened to me.

“Alice, I will be marrying King Hicked next year.”

She announces, some time after returning to the mansion.

People say that it’s thanks to Princess Ninaev that a formal peace has been declared with Migha.

And there are more people here in the mansion too, probably because it’s now official that Princess Ninaev will marry the King of Migha.

The waiting maids around here have all been talking about how Princess Ninaev’s position has become a lot more important here in Fairytrof.

But nothing has actually changed about her.

She’s still as nice as ever.

But what I really notice is how doing something can change the way people around you act.

Among the people that came here because of Princess Ninaev, are of course people who are very critical of me for being brought up as a false miko.

Some of them can’t even hide how much they don’t like that Princess Ninaev treats me well.

Those people are kind of scary, but Princess Ninaev and the people who were already here in the mansion are nice, and it’s because of them that I have no problem walking around here.

I see Princess Ninaev, and she smiles.

“This time, we are going to have to talk about you.”

She says something I was expecting to hear.

I’m known as someone who pretended to be the miko, and disturbed this country.

I have this life now because of Princess Ninaev, but my position is still very unstable.

“You have two choices.

First, stay in Fairytrof.

I can prepare some options for you if you choose this path, and then you can pick among them.

Of course, this will mean you can live in peace.

The other option is for you to come with me to the Kingdom of Migha.

Fewer people there know who you are compared to the Kingdom of Fairytrof, and it could be easier for you to live there.

But surely being with me will lead to people realizing you are the girl who acted as though she was the miko.

If you want to live in Migha peacefully and in a place where no one knows you, King Hicked said he will arrange for you to be accepted as a townsperson in Migha.”

Princess Ninaev shows me two paths.

I don’t know what I would’ve done without her.

She controls my destiny, but she’s letting me choose.

Stay in Fairytrof, or go to Migha.

Regardless of what I pick, I’m pretty sure I’m never going to live in peace as long as I’m the girl who pretended to be the miko.

But I’ve already made my choice.


“Let me say something before you answer.”

She interrupts me before I can really start speaking.

“You were taken to the great temple as the miko, even though you aren’t, and that caused chaos in this country.

That much is true, but there are people who say this is all your fault, and that is not true.

I can’t say you did nothing wrong, but this didn’t happen because of you.

The priests were the ones who didn’t realize you have a twin sister, and promoted you as the miko with full confidence.

It is all those circumstances that lead us to ‘now’.

I’m happy that you’re thankful to me, but that is not why I took you in.

I only did it because that’s what I wanted to do.

I made a decision, and acted on it, and you don’t need to concern yourself with that.

So… Don’t think about me when you make decisions about your future.

I didn’t take you in to restrict what your life can be like.

Your future is yours, regardless of what your past was like.

I want you to follow your heart and pick your path.”

She says while looking directly at me.

Her words reach deep into my heart.

She really is kind, and I really like and respect her a lot.

She said all that just for my sake.

I’m sure some options are better for the country itself than others, but she didn’t talk about that.

Yes, it’s exactly because she’s like this that I…”

“Thank you Princess Ninaev, you really are so nice.

But I… Want to stay with you.

I want to stay with you and help you in any way I can.”

I really don’t want to leave her side.

“These feelings are my own.

I want to help you because you saved me too, but I also really want to stay with you even if we forget about that.

It might be hard to be with you in Migha, but I’ll get over any difficulty if it means staying by your side.

Please, take me with you.”

If I’m with Princess Ninaev, I’m sure people will figure out I was the false miko.

But still, no matter what trouble it brings, I want to stay with Princess Ninaev.

This is how I really feel.

“I see… Foolish girl… Life would be easier for you if you chose a path away from me… But thank you Alice.

I’m happy to have you with me.”

She says while patting my head.

—The sister’s choice

(The sister is asked to make a decision, and answers the princess.

She doesn’t doubt her feelings.)



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