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Chapter 325 – Girl and ruins – Part six

“ Miss spirit…”

I follow Freinet’s advice and try talking to the sleeping spirit.

This spirit doesn’t open her eyes.

She’s just there, quiet and with her eyes closed.

I guess my voice isn’t reaching her.

“Miss spirit…”

After I call her a few more times, her eyes finally open.

Her sky-blue eyes look at me, and she looks surprised.

“…Is it you, who is calling out to me”

Her voice sounds strained.

I’m sure she hasn’t said anything in a very long time.

I think she really was thinking about staying here all this time until she disappeared.

Her eyes definitely don’t look like they see me as a friend, but not as an enemy either.


We came here, and then found you.”

“I see… You… A miko like…”

I think she said someone’s name, but her voice was too low and I couldn’t hear it.

But at least I’m pretty sure she said the name of the miko Mister Douroean said lived here a long time ago.


I’m a miko.”

“I see… Then why, is a miko, speaking to me”

She sounds puzzled.

Even in her eyes, I can see she doesn’t understand.

“I heard from Freinet… A spirit contracted to me, that you’re disappearing here.

I don’t want you to just disappear without even getting to talk after managing to find you.

And if you don’t want to disappear, I want to give you magic energy.”

I start by saying how I feel.

I need to make sure the spirit understands this.

I’ve never met her before, so I need to explain how I feel well or there’s no way she’ll understand.

I talk while looking directly at her, and she also looks at me, like she’s thinking.

“But it looks like you’re trying to disappear here so… I wanted to ask you before giving you magic energy.”

“…I see.

If a miko like you, gives me magic energy… I will live.

And if there is another spirit here, I assume there is a spirit tree nearby.”

It really sounds like she’s thinking about it.

…This spirit might not want my magic energy.

She might really want to just stay here and disappear.

If that’s what she really wants, I have no choice but to accept it.

But still, I really don’t want her to disappear now that we’ve met.

I’m nervous as I wait for her to respond.

“I see.



“You can send your magic energy.

Meeting a miko just before disappearing… Might be some sort of sign to guide me.

If so, I will accept this guidance.”

Says the spirit, and there’s a splash in the water.

The spirit under the small tree is coming up.

She’s smaller than Freinet, and feels fragile.

It just goes to show how much strength she’s lost, and how weak she is.

Still, this was solved pretty quickly.

Her personality must be a lot different than Freinet’s.

“My name is Wea.

I was contracted to the miko loved by the water god, Stacey.

What is your name, miko”

The spirit, Wea, proudly says she was contracted to the miko loved by the water god.

“I’m Lerunda.

This is the spirit contracted to me, Freinet.”

I tell her my name too, and she stares at me.

“Hmm… A miko of the sky god, not like Stacey.

Your magic energy among other things must be different too.

I never expected to meet another miko before disappearing.”

She says as she reaches out to me with her hand.

“You’re giving me magic energy right Well please do.

And how about we form a contract…”

“Eh, really”

I’m surprised to hear this.

Isn’t a contract formed when I name someone Is it a different kind of contract


After all, I was guided to this moment, and met a miko.

I already have a name, so simply send magic energy to me, and I will accept it.”

Says Wea, and I put my hand above her tiny hand.

“Hum, then let’s start.”

I say as I picture magic energy flowing into Wea.

And then, magic energy is suddenly taken from my body.

It’s more than I was expecting, and I get dizzy.

I end up sitting back, and Freinet rushes to ask me if I’m all right.


I am.”

I look at Wea, and see her shining.

It looks like she recovered rapidly with my magic energy.

Even her body is bigger than Freinet’s now, and the fragile impression I got from her is completely gone too.

“It’s been a while since I was so loaded with magic energy.

Nice to meet you, miko of the sky, Lerunda.

And also, wind spirit Freinet.”

She says with a smile.

—Girl and ruins – Part six

(The miko forms a contract with the spirit she met in the ruins.)



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