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Chapter 322 – Girl and ruins – Part three

We reach the ruins, and my eyes shine.

I’ve never been to a place like this, so I keep looking around.

I’m surprised to see crumbling buildings.

It feels weird to look at them.

I’ve never seen crumbling buildings like these, or just places where people lived a long time ago.

Way before I was born, people lived here.

It doesn’t really feel real, that people actually lived where I’m standing now.

How did they live I see buildings that look like nothing I’ve seen before.

What were these buildings like back before they were destroyed It’s exciting just imagining that.

I’m sure Miss Lan has a great ability to picture that sort of thing.

I can see why she’s so curious about how people lived here.

I’m curious too.

“This really is wonderful!! Ahh, there is a lot I didn’t get to check before, so I want to do it now.

Hey, Nirushi, how about I go to that building over there and…”

“Hold on!! First we need to decide on where to set up our base.

And we don’t want to touch anything without thinking and set off some kind of magic item.”


“No buts.

The kids are behaving, so we can’t have an adult like you go crazy!!”


Looking at Miss Lan, who looks like she’s about to take off running at any moment, makes me feel that Gaius and I need to stay calm.

It really makes me realize that running off on my own is bad.

After Mister Nirushi stops her, Miss Lan clears her throat, and looks flustered.

“I’m sorry for losing my composure.

First we need to decide where our base will be, and then think about how to explore the ruins.

It’s dangerous to act alone.

Let’s try to look for a place with good visibility.

Of course, we also need to check for traps and magic items.”

Says Miss Lan, and everyone laughs and nods.

But that’s right.

We need to find a place to set up our base.

But all I see is decaying buildings in a place where no one lives anymore.

I don’t get a bad feeling or anything, so there’s probably nothing here that wants to hurt us.

I don’t have a bad feeling, but I actually have a weird feeling instead.

What’s that

Will I learn what’s causing it by looking around these ruins

We decide where our base will be.

Last time, they stayed near the entrance, but this time they’re thinking about staying a little deeper.

Of course, we’ll only do it after we make sure there isn’t anything dangerous.

Still, the forest has advanced on these ruins a lot, so it’s hard to tell exactly from where to where people actually lived.

There’s places that are completely gone, and there aren’t even any traces left.

How do we investigate what kind of things were in those places

Does Miss Lan understand all that She really is great.

It’d be great if I could understand this sort of thing like her.

“Miss Lan, teach me lots.”

“Yes, yes, I will!! Let’s study this ancient civilization together.

I’m glad you share my interest in different cultures.

Let’s investigate a lot of things together.”

“Fufu, you’re having a lot of fun.”

“Of course.

I can barely contain my excitement.

I’m so happy I get to come here again.

I can’t stop myself from looking forward to seeing what I can discover this time.

Ahh… I just want to start investigating right away.”

“…Let’s be patient, Miss Lan.

First we need to get our base ready and talk.”

“Yes, yes.

You’re right.

First we talk, then we investigate!!”

She’s more fired up than usual.

She says she knows we have to get our base ready and talk, but she’s fidgeting the whole time.

We decide where our base is going to be and stop there.

Miss Lan settles down long enough for us to talk.

We’re going to start by looking around in groups of two or three.

Since it feels like Miss Lan might jump at anything if she sees something new, Mister Nirushi and I will be with her.

Since Freinet is going to be with me, it’s more like a group of four.

I’ve already asked her to stop Miss Lan if it looks like she’s going to touch something without thinking.

Riruha and Kamiha will be going with other people.

Having that said, we needed time to come here and set up our base, so it’s getting dark, and we’ll only really start exploring tomorrow.

I eat dinner, and then fall asleep next to Riruha.

Am I going to see more new things tomorrow I can’t wait.

—Girl and ruins – Part three

(The miko’s heart races as she sees the ruins in front of her.)


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