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Chapter 321 – Girl and ruins – Part two

“Well then, shall we go”

We head out to the ruins today.

I feel like I was looking forward to it so much that it actually made time pass faster.

Thinking about going to the ruins and seeing what’s waiting there is really exciting.

…A place where people lived a long time ago, but is completely empty now…

I’ve never been to a place like that, so it gets my mind racing.

The people that are going this time are people that went there before like Miss Lan and Mister Nirushi, beast people, Phyto’s people, Gaius and I, the gryphon couple Riruha and Kamiha, and Freinet.

“Be careful out there, Lerunda.

I don’t think there is much danger, but still try not to overdo it.

And make sure you listen to Mister Nirushi and the others.”


“Lerunda, tell us if you find anything!! I’ll be looking forward to it!”

“Take care Lerunda.”


I nod as I hear Miss Zeshihi, Kayu, and Shinomi.

We’re not going to a place with people, but we still should keep in mind that we don’t know what might happen.

It’s not like we’re absolutely sure it will be all right.

I’m the miko, so I’m luckier than other people, but there’s always the chance that something might happen, like it did with Mister Athos.

That’s why I have to remember to listen to the adults, so I don’t worry people or lose anyone important to me.


(It’s been a while since we’ve gone out with Lerunda like this.)


(We’ll keep you safe.)

Say Riruha and Kamiha.

That makes me feel more at ease, and I pat their heads.

I can’t help but smile when they respond by making a cute ‘Guru’ sound.

“I will also make sure there is no danger to you.”

“Thank you, Freinet.”

I feel nervous going to this place for the first time, but I’m sure it will be fine as long as they’re with me.

“See you later!!”

I say, and we’re off to the ruins.

◇ ◇ ◇

“Lerunda and Gaius, make sure you follow us closely.

The path to the ruins isn’t very dangerous, but you can never be too cautious.”


“We will.”

Gaius and I are the only kids here, so Miss Lan tells us again to be careful.

Since Gaius and I have never gone there, there’s lots of interesting things on the way too.

If we weren’t on the way to the ruins, we’d probably want to take detours.

But we have to listen to the adults.

It’s been years since we started building the village here in the middle of the forest, but there are still things we don’t know about it.

There’s so much here we want to know but don’t, but the more we learn about it, the more fun it is.

“Hey Gaius, What do you think the ruins are like”

“I don’t know, but I can’t wait to see.

I’d really like to know how the people that were there a long time ago lived.”


I can’t wait.

How did they live… I’m sure it was different than nowadays.

Miss Lan says they had magic technology too.”

There was more magic technology back then than now.

I can’t really imagine what that must’ve been like.

I heard more about recording devices from Doanea.

Apparently those things can make something like a really detailed drawing of what’s in front of us.

It’s probably not exactly like a drawing, but I still can’t imagine what it’s like.

If we actually manage to find the real thing and replicate it, maybe one day I’ll understand what Doanea was talking about.

Miss Lan says she really wants to produce one of those recording devices.

She always makes good on her promises and tries to do what she wants with her own two hands, so maybe one days she really will manage to make one of those recording devices.

If she needs my help, I’ll gladly do it.

We’re going to have to walk for a few days before we reach the ruins.

I could use physical strengthening magic or move faster on the back of a gryphon, but there’s no rush, so we’re walking at a gentle pace.

We eat preserved food we made in the village, and roast meat from monsters we hunt on the way.

Monsters only appear when I think I’m getting hungry, so it’s a pretty peaceful journey.

“I can’t wait to investigate the ruins again.

I wonder what we will discover this time.

It would be great if we came across more precise documents about this ancient civilization… And…”

Says Miss Lan, but at some point I stop being able to understand her.

Miss Lan is getting more excited the closer we get to the ruins.

She’s more restless than Gaius and I, and looking at her makes me want to be calmer.

People around her, including Mister Nirushi, tell her she should settle down.

We keep walking this path for a while, until we finally reach the ruins.

—Girl and ruins – Part two

(The miko reaches the ruins.)


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