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Chapter 320 – Girl and ruins – Part one

“Lerunda, you’ll be among the people going to the ruins.

We’ll go there together.”

It’s been a few days since the fire, and Miss Lan says this to me while smiling.

A lot of people want to go to the ruins.

Only a few of them can actually go, but it sounds like I’ll be one of them.

We came here and built a village, and this is where I’ve been living, but I pretty much never left the village since then.

I go to Phyto’s village, and I’ve gone to Mister Douroean’s place, but that’s basically just visiting friends.

Miss Lan has gone to the ruins before, but to me it’s a completely new place.

Thinking about this makes my heart race.

“But lots of people want to go.

Are you sure”


You’re the miko, so in the future it might become harder for you to spend your time freely.

I think you should do what you want while you can.”

“Become harder”


We’ve talked about this before, remember We want this place to be a big place that no one can meddle with.

We will probably be less free to do what we want as the population grows, so I think it’s definitely a good idea to do what you want while you can.

You’re the miko, so your standing is above the rest of us, and that probably comes with more limitations.

Of course, we will do our best to make sure you are as free as possible, but I still assume you will be less free when you are an adult.”

What Miss Lan is saying is kind of complicated.

But at least I can tell she’s saying it because she cares about me.

“But please make sure you listen to our precautions when we go to the ruins.

I went there once and checked some things, but a lot still remains unchecked.

For example, we don’t know where magic items were being developed there.

There could still be dangerous magic items lying dormant.

Try not to carelessly touch anything.

Actually… When I went there before, I touched something without thinking, and was scared when smoke came out.

I was lucky because it was just smoke, but it could have been terrible if it contained some sort of offensive magic!!”

“Miss Lan… You can’t touch things just because you’re curious.”

“Uu… D-don’t worry, I’ll control myself.

Nirushi and the others warned me about it too!!”

…I feel like it’s way more likely for Miss Lan to touch something out of curiosity and cause trouble than me.

Did Mister Nirushi have trouble stopping her before He’s part of the group that’s going there this time too.

They say it’s because it’s easier for the people going there the first time if they’re accompanied by people who have been there before.

I also decide I have to make sure Miss Lan doesn’t go too crazy.

Afterwards, I go out and head to the very well received playground, where Gaius and the others are.

“You’re going to the ruins, right Turns out I’m going too.”

Gaius is coming with us.

Maybe he’s being allowed to go for the same reason I am.

He can turn into a big wolf because I prayed and made him into a ‘knight of the miko’.

I stare at Gaius for a bit, and he asks why.

“No, nothing.

I’m really looking forward to going there.”

“Yes, me too.”

Gaius hasn’t left the village a lot since we came here either.

“That sounds so nice… I want to go next time!!”

“We’re not going this time either, so tell us what it’s like when you come back.”

Kayu and the others aren’t going this time, but they want to go too.

I was really excited when I heard Miss Lan and the others talk about the ruins, and I’m really looking forward to going there.

I need to make sure I remember everything I see really well so Kayu and the others get excited when I tell them about it too.


I’ll talk about it a lot.”



(There are no recording devices in the current world.

We really should make them.)”

“Recording devices”


(I saw things in my father’s memories that could record sights.)”

Says Doanea, but what kind of thing can record sights

I can’t even imagine it, so I think it’s best if Miss Lan listens to Doanea talk about it.

That said, it’s not like she can actually understand Doanea.

I have to tell her what Doanea says.

I really can’t wait to go.

What kind of things are waiting for us there What kind of civilization was there in the past

I know the village where I grew up, the wolf beast people village that doesn’t exist anymore, the village where the elves lived, the village where Phyto’s people live, and Mister Douroean’s place.

And of course, this village.

So I’m really excited to see what this new place is like.

—Girl and ruins – Part one

(The miko’s heart races as she thinks about visiting the ruins.)


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