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Chapter 32 – A priest makes a move

I think the miko might not be the miko, but I need to prepare if I am going to vocalize my doubts.

I have been gathering information about her and all things surrounding her, but who knows what will happen if I just come out and say that the miko might not be the miko.

I need to be cautious with how I approach this matter.

Who will actually listen when I say that the miko is not the real miko

The other priests that received the divine message still haven’t awoken.

When they do wake up, it might become easier for me to take action, but since I only saw the miko for a split second, I do not know if they saw her as well.

I am but a low rank priest, and receiving the divine message finally enabled me to meet face to face with high ranking individuals, but no one says the miko is not the miko.

They have no doubts whatsoever that miss Alice is the miko.

I hear that they went as far as to banish her educator, and send the princess that was tasked with admonishing her to a remote region, and I am at a loss as far as what I should do.

If miss Alice really is not the miko, that would mean that a false miko has been presented to the population.

Would this mean that all the unfortunate incidents happening in this country are a result of a false miko being taken to the temple

It is said that it is all a result of miss Alice being angered, but such things continue to happen.

The miko is a being loved by god, and the land where the miko lives will prosper, so I wonder what the people in the temple think, as they see the opposite effect happening.

I am distressed as I think about this.

Should I tell someone about this There is also the option of talking to miss Alice herself, but she is still a child, so nothing would be resolved, and I cannot talk to her alone in the first place.

“What is the matter Ilma”

A high ranking priest named Gint sees me looking worried, and talks to me.

She sounds concerned, and says she noticed that recently I have been looking down.

Miss Gint has been watching out for me more than the other high ranking priests.

She is a highly respected individual that has been serving the big temple for decades.

Can I tell her

Should I wait until the other priests that received the divine message wake up But who knows when that will be.

The longer I wait, the longer someone who is not the miko will stay in the miko’s place.

“…Miss Gint, I have something to tell you.”

I still do not know what is the correct course of action, but I do know that I cannot stay quiet while carrying the suspicion that miss Alice might not be the miko.

“What is it”

“…When I received the divine message, I caught a glimpse of the miko’s appearance.”

It is my first time talking about this, and miss Gint listens quietly.

My voice feels strained, as I let out the feelings I have been harboring inside.

“…The person I saw, was not miss Alice.”

“What do you mean by that”

“…She was not blonde, I am certain her hair was brown.

Perhaps I am mistaken but… Miss Alice may not be the miko I saw in the divine message.”

The miko recognized by the temple may not actually be the miko.

Surely this is blasphemy, but my budding suspicion is very real.

I also feel like I should clarify that I may be overthinking it.

Miss Gint seems very surprised, but his expression changes into a kind smile.


I will look into this matter.”

I feel relieved as I see her smile.

Being able to finally speak about this doubt that is growing inside of me makes my heart feel more at ease.

I think this situation will move in a more favorable direction, now that a high ranking priest is on the case.

Two days later, I am secretly imprisoned.

I cannot help wondering why, but the first question I am asked is what I mean when I say that the miko’s appearance is wrong.

What will become of me

I did not know about the basement underneath the big temple, and never imagined I would discover it in such a manner.

I have not seen miss Gint since we had that conversation.

I am dumbfounded, as I sit in a bed in a place similar to a sturdy jail cell, completely visible from the outside.

—A priest makes a move

(A priest is imprisoned as a result of his actions)


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