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Chapter 316 – Girl and the return of the educator – Part four

“There are monsters living in the area around the ruins, so caution is needed, but… For some reason I feel like there are fewer monsters there than in other places.

Of course, when I say there are fewer monsters there, that doesn’t mean there are as few as there are here in the village… But there really aren’t that many, and after thinking about it, I believe it probably has to do with the country that existed there.

In the Kingdom of Fairytrof, it’s said that long ago this country had a more advanced culture of magic.

I have also heard that nature was more abundant in it, and they were closer to spirits… There is a good chance that this country had some sort of magic item that repelled monsters, and its power is still active.”

Miss Lan is clearly enjoying herself as she talks about the ruins.

I don’t think anyone else is as fascinated with the words ‘why’ and ‘how come’.

That’s also why she’s able to notice lots of things.

Still, if we could get a magic item like that, we definitely should.

Right now, monsters don’t attack this place because I’m the miko and I’m here.

Judging by what Miss Lan said about miko, it will be hard for monsters to attack this place even after I’m dead, because I like it so much.

But who knows how that really works.

I don’t know how to make an item with magic energy like that, or if that sort of thing even exists.

It would be great if I could make something like that, but maybe people could only make them in the past.

Or maybe there are still people who can make them.

Maybe I’ll learn more about it if I expand my world.

“If there is such an item, we should retrieve it and study it for the sake of the village.

But then again, that place might be overrun if we take it away.

Yes, we should probably study it there.

It would be great if we could replicate that sort of technology here.

There is little we actually can take out, but things that look like simple items might actually be something different for that country.

Ahh… It’s enough to set a fire under my researcher’s heart!!”

She really is having a lot of fun… But of course she is.

People around us look kind of exasperated, but also look at her like they know it can’t be helped.

“We more or less have a good grasp on the terrain of the ruins, so next time we go there we can probably probe a little deeper.

I will be putting this map in storage, so feel free to take a look if you’re curious.

Tell me if anything in my notes is hard to understand.

I’m sure there is a lot I can’t find on my own, so I would love to hear your opinions.

Also, I have a lot to report, including minor things, but I am going to collect everything into one book, because it’s too much for me to talk about here.

I will also go into more detail about all the information I’m talking about, so check it if you’re interested.”

It sounds like Miss Lan came across a lot of information.

She’s going to put everything into a book.

Thanks to grandma, a lot of people in this village can read.

The adults teach various things, and Miss Lan has been acting as a teacher too, so she says we can read and study more than humble villages.

Now that I think about it, in the village where I was born, it definitely wasn’t normal to just have books around.

This makes me feel that this village really is blessed.

“That is all I have to report for now.

I am planning to go there again in a month, with all this information in mind.

Please speak to me or Mister Dongu if you wish to go.

Obviously not everyone can go, so think about it well.

Also, we are still planning to go to the country beyond the forest.

Unlike the ruins, this place actually has people, so more preparations will be needed, but think about it as well.”

Miss Lan finishes by talking about taking volunteers for the next time she goes to the ruins.

It’s easier to go to the ruins because there aren’t any people and there aren’t a lot of monsters.

I’ve already said I want to go, but I’m going to talk to Miss Lan about it again.

Am I going to find anything in those ruins

Is there anything there that can help the village

Seeing Miss Lan so excited about it really makes me look forward to visiting this place.

—Chapter 316 – Girl and the return of the educator – Part four

(The miko hears about the ruins and imagines what they are like.)



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