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Chapter 314 – Girl and the return of the educator – Part two

Miss Lan and the others are back.

Beast people like Mister Nirushi are one thing, but Miss Lan is human, so she’s very tired.

She took a bath and is now sound asleep at home.

When she wakes up, I’m going to hear all about those ruins.

Living in this village means Miss Lan has had to move around more than she did before, but she still likes studying a lot more than moving her body.

“It’s because she was so excited when we were over there.”



She noticed all sorts of things and just kept pushing forward.”


I can picture that very easily.

Still, Mister Nirushi is a cat beast person, so he seems full of energy even though he just came back.

We’re talking in the square.

Miss Lan loves studying, so I’m sure looking around and finding things in those ruins was a great way to satisfy her thirst for knowledge.

“Please don’t go crazy like Lan when you go to the ruins.”


“You’re the miko, so you probably won’t be in danger, but everyone’s scared that something might happen.”

“Even you, Mister Nirushi”

The way he said it makes me want to ask that question, and he turns away before whispering yes.

I… I’ll probably be all right no matter what.

I just feel like I can’t be hurt.

But I want everyone to be at peace, not just me.

Mister Nirushi’s words make me happy, so I nod with a big smile.

“So… It looks like the village’s changed again.

What is this”

“A playground for kids! Because there are going to be more kids in the village.”

“I see.

But it kind of looks fun for adults too.”

He says while looking around the playground we made.

I didn’t think about this playground being used by adults, but I guess it could be fun for them too.

But, of course.

Sometimes adults want to play too.

It’s kids who play the most, but everyone should be able to play.

It would be the best if it was a place where everyone can relax and have fun.

If there are going to be more kids, am I going to be called big sister It kind of itches when I think about it, and it feels kind of weird.

I’m not related by blood to these kids being born into this village, but it feels like they’re real family.

What will those kids be like Just thinking about it gets me excited.

I hope they have fun with what we made.

But then a thought crosses my mind.

“Mister Nirushi… Aren’t you going to have kids”


“I was just thinking I’d like to see your kids too…”

“What are you talking about… I mean, you need both a man and a woman to have kids.

I can’t just make one appear out of thin air by myself.”

Now that I think about it, only girls like me can give birth.

I already knew you need a mother and a father to have kids.

Grandma talked about it too.

But it’s pretty strange when I really think about it.

Why can a man and a woman have kids And it’s not like it happens just by putting them together.

Something has to happen too… I don’t really understand.

“Mister Nirushi, how are babies made”


Mister Nirushi spurts out for some reason.

Why is he so surprised He looks flustered.

I look up at him, with a puzzled look on my face.

“Hum… About that.

Hum… You’re too young, so you don’t have to know that!! You’ll know when you’re a little older.”



When you’re older and you look at someone and feel like you want to have his babies, you’ll know these things naturally.

But also, well, when you get to that age you can ask someone like Lan or Kayu.

But it’s too early for you.”

Mister Nirushi says all this really fast.

He says I’ll know when I’m an adult.

I can’t wait to grow up.

I’ll get to know lots of things I don’t know now.

“I see.

I can’t wait to be an adult.”


Let’s just leave it at that.”

“But I’d love to see your kids.

And hug them too.”

“…Do you… Don’t get your hopes up.”

He says.

We keep talking for a while until he leaves.

When I get home, I see Miss Lan is dreaming and saying things like ‘marvelous’ and ‘what a wonderful ancient civilization…!’ She’s also drooling, so I wipe her mouth with a handkerchief.

Is she dreaming about the ruins Apparently they left a mark on her heart.

When she wakes up, I’ll hear about them from her.

I can’t wait to hear what they’re like.

—Girl and the return of the educator – Part two

(The miko looks forward to the educator waking up.)



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