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Chapter 308 – Girl and days without the educator – Part eight

We return to the village after visiting Mister Douroean, but as I expected, Miss Lan isn’t back yet.

The people who are in the village welcome me back, and no matter how many times I hear people welcoming me back like this, it still makes me happy.

Going to see Mister Douroean was fun.

But even just going out is nice, and it really makes me feel like this village is the place where I should go back to.

This place is very important to me, and visiting other places just makes me realize that even more.

“I wonder what Miss Lan is doing right now…”

“Yes… I hope she is not bothering Nirushi.”

Mister Oshashio answers after I whisper.

I feel restless without Miss Lan here.

She’s always here with me, so it feels lonely without her.

Mister Oshashio and the others know this, so they usually come talk to me.

I want to distract myself from this, so I want to try to do many different things.

I want to try packing my days with lots of things.

But of course, if I push myself too hard it won’t be good for me, so I’ll make sure to rest too.

I try praying, while keeping in mind what Mister Douroean told me.

But of course, I can’t get anything to happen right away.

When will anything happen… This is complicated.

I tried praying to see if anything would happen, but I didn’t see any results, so I move on to my magic training.

I focus my magic energy and create wings.

What will I see if I keep going higher and higher, to the vast blue sky and even further than that… I think about this because the clear blue sky looks like it’ll still be nice no matter how far I go.

“Gurugururu, rurururu.

(Lerunda, you’re really focused on your flight training.)”


I want to surprise Miss Lan.”

I’d be really happy if she came back and complimented me on how well I fly now.

I fly with Reimar, but we’re doing more than that.

We’re doing something called patrolling too.

That said, we don’t actually find any suspicious people near the village.

While flying, we sometimes encounter Mister Villa and other winged people.

When we find winged people in the sky, they do some sort of gesture with their hands.

When I asked Mister Villa what that means, he said it’s a greeting.

We’re becoming a bit closer, but there’s still a lot about them I don’t know.

Now that I think about it, I’ve been living with beast people all this time, but I’m sure there’s still things about them I don’t know too.

After flying and resting for a bit, I study with Lilyd, Kayu, and Luceno.

After grandma passed away, we started using one of the rooms in her house as a place to study, even though Mister Oshashio still lives here by himself.

Most of the books grandma had were destroyed when we ran away from the wolf beast people’s village, but she still left lots of books here to help us learn.

And there’s also things compiled by Miss Lan.

Lately, Mister Sadda and other merchants who have come here from the Kingdom of Migha have been teaching us some things too.

But other adults are always with us when that happens.

“Isn’t a new baby going to be born soon I hope it’s a boy.”

“You already have Enarei.”

“Enarei is a boy too… But I think it’d be fun if there was a beast boy too.

And it’d be nice for Enarei if there was another boy his age.”

“I hope it’s a girl! I’m sure she’d be really cute!!”

We’re studying, but Lilyd and Kayu start chatting.

They’re really excited about the new life that’s going to be born into this village.

I can’t wait either.

Last year only Enarei was born, but we’re expecting more kids to be born this year.

“I hope it’s a boy too.

Having a little brother sounds nice.”

Luceno’s mother is one of the pregnant women, so he’s hoping for a little brother.

But I’m sure he’d love a little sister too once he saw her.

“What do you think, Lerunda”

“I’d be happy with either one, boy or girl.”

I’m happy with either.

Just the thought of more little lives being born here and watching them grow makes me happy.

Was it like that when I was little too It feels weird to think about.

“Yes, either one is good!! Still, great for you Luceno, having a brother or sister.”

Says Kayu, and that gets me thinking about my own sister.

I wonder how she is right now.

We’ve never really talked like sisters or anything.

“What’s wrong, Lerunda”


Nevermind that…”

Kayu looks puzzled while I think about my sister, and I try to change the subject.

—Girl and days without the educator – Part eight

(The miko tries to distract herself from feeling lonely, and talks with her friends.)



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