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Chapter 306 – Girl and days without the educator – Part six

“What do you wish to know about miko”

“Hum, people say that miko can control the weather, but how”

“How… I also don’t know how miko use that sort of power.

But it is true that apparently a human miko who lived long ago controlled the weather.”

I look up to Mister Douroean while I ask a question, and he responds.

Ah, I see.

Mister Douroean has met other miko because he’s lived for a very long time.

So he knows a lot about them, but it’s not like he knows everything.

I kind of had this idea that Mister Douroean was all-powerful, but now I feel closer to him.

“Not to mention that you could have simply asked this to Doanea.”

“Ah, yes.

But I wanted to talk to you too, Mister Douroean.”

“I see.

I have no objection to you coming here.

But to add to my response, I remember hearing that said miko offered prayers.”



Miko are loved by gods.

Miko are not all-powerful, but their prayers should be able to reach gods more easily than others’.”


I start thinking about prayer.

I pray and tell god what’s happening every day.

If miko’s prayers reach god more easily, does that mean my prayers are reaching too

I look at Gaius and the others, who are talking, and pray a little.


Nothing happens after I pray a little.

Is there another condition

“I prayed a little, but it didn’t happen.”

“So you tried it right away Surely nothing will come from just a little prayer.

Imagine how troublesome it would have been when you were a baby if just a little prayer from you could influence the weather.”

I don’t remember anything from when I was a baby.

How was I as a baby I’m sure even I needed someone to look after me or I’d die.

I don’t remember it, but did my parents look after me back then

But even if I don’t remember anything from that time, I’m sure it would be terrible if I had such an incredible power of influence, that all I had to do was wish for something to happen and it did.

The smallest person in the village is Enarei, and I see his unpredictable behavior cause trouble for Miss Wetani from time to time, even if that’s not his intention.

That’s what babies are, unpredictable.

There are pregnant people in the village too, so we are going to meet more new people.

I can’t wait.


So I have to find that condition.”


That is correct.”

Condition… I have to test that little by little.

I have to see if anything happens when I do certain things.

I’m sure Miss Lan will help.

“Controlling the weather sounds incredible.

I’ll help too, Lerunda.”

“Yes, me too.”

“Thank you.”

Say Shinomi and Gaius, who were listening.

“You are a miko of the sky god, so I feel as though it should be easier for you to make the weather work as you wish than the miko who did it long ago.

She was not a miko of the sky god”

“I see.

That miko you knew was a miko of what god”

“A miko of the water god, so believe she caused rain.

Surely what she did and what you can do are very different.

The gods watching over you are not the same after all.

And I have never met a miko of the sky god before you.”

I’m more aware that I’m the miko now than I was back when I said I was probably the miko, so I want to know more.

I want to be able to do more things, but the powers of a miko are so mysterious.

There’s so much I still don’t know.

“Mister Douroean, is there anything we can do to help Lerunda”

“Anything… I think you are fine as you are.

That in itself is helping her.

I am influencing her, but I would not say I am truly assisting her.

I have no intention of getting directly involved with the world of Man too much.

Even if Lerunda is in trouble, I won’t save her directly.”

Mister Douroean answers Shinomi’s question.

Mister Douroean is not someone who will come to my aid unconditionally.

Also, he has the power to do something about us if he really wanted to.

He’s called the god of the winged people, and has lived for what it feels like an eternity to me.

Just being able to talk to a being like this feels incredible.

“Stay the way I am… Yes.

I’ll stay by Lerunda side, just the way I am.”

“Yes, that is good.

And at most, I can offer you shelter if you truly have no place to go.”

Says Mister Douroean to Shinomi.

For some reason, hearing Mister Douroean say this makes me feel relieved.

And I’m happy about having Shinomi and the others by my side too.

—Girl and days without the educator – Part six

(The miko and the miko’s friend offer questions to the dragon.)



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