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Chapter 305 – Girl and days without the educator – Part five

“They feel nice and smooth.”

“They do, and cold.

And, how should I put it… Harder than Doanea’s”

With Mister Douroean’s permission, I touch his scales again.

They’re still cold and smooth, and feel nice to touch.

It’s nice when I rub my face against them and feel their coldness too.

Shinomi is still scared, but after seeing me do it, she touches Mister Douroean too.

“…Lerunda and Shinomi… Aren’t you touching too much and too casually”

“Come do it too, Gaius.”

“Eh, no, I…”

“I do not mind.”

Gaius looks flustered when I tell him to join us, but Mister Douroean looks at him and tells him there’s no problem.

Gaius is scared by that, and his body trembles and his tail points straight up.

But he still hesitantly stretches his hand, and says ‘cold’.

Mister Villa already thinks it’s too much to just be sitting nearby, so I really don’t think he’s going to touch Mister Douroean.

Mister Sileva, Miss Sinorn, and Reimar are sitting and looking at us as we touch Mister Douroean.

And Doanea is sitting next to me.

Doanea looks confused, like it’s strange that we want to touch Mister Douroean so much.

It’s kind of hard to understand Doanea’s expressions, but after spending all this time together, I can somehow understand their subtle reactions.

“Mister Douroean, we should talk about things after Doanea was born.

You don’t know anything after that, right”


I do not know what happened to my separate body after our separation.”

“Then I’ll talk a lot.

You too Doanea.”

“Pikiii, iiii… (Father, I…)”

Despite what Doanea says, I think Mister Douroean is a special being in their eyes.

Doanea is a separate body, so it’s not like they’re a normal father and child, but I still think it will be fun for Doanea to listen.

“Pikii, iiiii.

(Father, I will be greater than you one day.)”

“What are you saying”

For some reason, Doanea suddenly starts talking about their goals and aspirations.

Doanea wants to be greater than Mister Douroean.

But what does that mean exactly Becoming strong Becoming famous I don’t think Doanea really thought about that.

“Mister Douroean, isn’t it hard to move that big body”

“Not really.”

Apparently Miss Lan gave Miss Sinorn a note with questions she wanted to ask Mister Douroean.

I think she doesn’t really know what to say, so she asks those questions.

Mister Douroean answers them all honestly one by one.

I still can’t get over how big Mister Douroean is.

It’s exciting just looking at him.

I’m sure it would be fun to slide down his body like a slide… That thought pops into my mind, but I can’t say it.

Maybe when we become closer…

Talking with everyone here is fun.

Gaius and the others are slowly getting used to being around Mister Douroean too.

It’s not like their fear is completely gone, but I’m still happy to see that they’re slowly getting along better.

Mister Villa looks very stiff, and he’s further away from Mister Douroean than everyone else.

And when he’s spoken to, he answers like he’s shrinking back.

His face looks tense too, as he sees everyone slowly getting used to Mister Douroean.


(I am getting drowsy.)”

Doanea listened to Mister Douroean with me for a while, but I guess it’s hard for a small dragon to not get sleepy.

Also, Doanea was on my back the whole time, but it’s still their first time traveling so far.

Mister Douroean gives Doanea permission to snuggle up next to his body and take a nap.

Mister Douroean says Doanea speaks with a pompous tone, and he looks kind of shocked by it, but a separate body like Doanea is still special to him.

As Doanea sleeps, Mister Douroean looks their way with a gentle expression.

Mister Villa’s eyes sparkle as he watches this.

For him, this must look like something he would hear about in legends…

“Mister Douroean…”

Doanea is asleep, so I’ll ask other things I have in mind.

“I want to know more about miko.

Can you tell me”

Mister Douroean told me some things about miko the first time I was here, but there’s still more I want to know, so I try asking.

—Girl and days without the educator – Part five

(The miko asks the dragon to tell her about what she wants to hear.)



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