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Chapter 300 – Girl and seeing off

The second spirit festival is over, and our lives are back to normal.

The village has been changing slowly, but it’s fun seeing those changes.

Everyone’s working to develop the village little by little.

Today’s the day when Miss Lan and the others leave to go to the ruins.

They finally have everything prepared.

Other people will be going with Miss Lan, and Rurumar too, in part to keep them safe.

If one of the beasts contracted to me goes with them, that increases the chances that they’ll come back safely.

Doanea said ‘Pikiiiiii (I want to go as well)’, but we can’t let a less than one year old baby go, so we had to talk Doanea down.

Instead, we’re going on a little trip together to go see Mister Douroean.

We know we’ll be safe with Mister Douroean, and I want to see him too.

Doanea isn’t really Mister Douroean’s child, it’s more like a separate body, but I guess Mister Douroean is still kind of like Doanea’s father.

Among the people going to the ruins are Mister Nirushi and Miss Lan, but also a lady from Phyto’s village called Bernick.

I hear that Miss Bernick is one of the best in her village at moving her body.

She was praised for her technique too when the knights from Migha were teaching us how to fight.

I think that’s great.

I’ve been practicing too, but using weapons is a lot harder than using magic.

“Miss Lan, come back safely.”

“Don’t worry.

There shouldn’t be anything dangerous in the ruins.

And even if there is, Nirushi and Rurumar will be with me.

They will be there to protect me, but I have also been learning how to defend myself lately.”

She’s wearing a robe that doesn’t restrict her movements, just like when we met.

She looks sleepier than usual today.

She probably didn’t sleep well because she’s too excited.

It’s just like her to do that, but it’s dangerous to go out while feeling sleepy.

“Miss Lan, you have to sleep well.

I know the ruins are exciting, but it’s dangerous if you don’t sleep well.

It’s not like here in the village.

Make sure you eat and sleep well out there, or it could be dangerous.”


I’ll be careful about that.”

Will she… I’m still a little worried, so I peek over at Mister Nirushi.

He says ‘don’t worry, I’ll make sure she does’.

That makes me feel better.

I say I’m counting on him and he nods.

I’ve been with Miss Lan ever since she arrived at the beast people’s village.

I feel lonely, and I get a strange feeling too now that she’s going to leave for a while.

What kind of place are those ruins What will it bring to the village

I keep thinking about this place I’ve never seen.

“Lerunda, I’ll tell you all about what I saw there when I get back.

And later we’ll go there together too.

I swear I’ll come back, so don’t feel down while I’m away.

I’ll be fine out there too.

If anything is troubling you, talk to Mister Dongu.

I don’t think you will get hurt or sick, but be careful anyway.”


You too Miss Lan.”

Miss Lan crouches and looks at me while sounding worried.

I’m happy that she cares and worries about me.

The whole village comes to see them off.

People say things like see you later, and come back safely.

We all feel the same way, and we make those feelings known as we say goodbye for now.

“There they go.”


Miss Lan and the others, are off to the ruins.”

“I wanted to go too…”

“We’ll go next time, after they come back.”

This time only the adults are going, in part to see if it’s safe.

We kids have to stay home even if we want to go with them.

But they said they’ll take us next time.

Should I take Doanea with me… Maybe I should take Doanea to the ruins too.

We should talk about this when Miss Lan and the others come back, and which of the beasts contracted to me will be going with us too.

I can’t see Miss Lan and the others anymore, and we all go back to our daily lives.

—Girl and seeing off

(The miko says goodbye to the people heading to the ruins.)



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