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Chapter 299 – King and beginning

“Uwah, seriously…”

I, Shuongalve Saff Rezzed, react to the news I hear early in the day.

The talks between the side of the Confederation of Saff that wants war with Fairytrof and the one that opposes it have been a mess.

It’s like an endless labyrinth.

But the balance is being broken.

…There are even countries that have collapsed because they tried to show off by continuously sending food to Fairytrof.

The Kingdom of Fairytrof influences us greatly, for better or for worse.

The Confederation of Saff is breaking.

My land and some other countries are managing to maintain their living conditions, but the same can’t be said for the others.

Apparently a country bordering Fairytrof has made a move on that kingdom.

This small country is trying to involve the entire confederation.


This could even end with the Kingdom of Fairytrof coming to destroy us.

Could we smooth things over by capturing the king that did this and handing him over to Fairytrof No, that would be a pain in and of itself.

Maybe we should just abandon everyone and head somewhere new…”

“If that is your wish, we will follow you wherever you go, King Shuongalve.”

“Can you at least hesitate a little”

“What need is there for hesitation Wherever we go, we will be with you.

Your people would also agree.

Some might not, but we could just leave them.”

“No no.

You and Delai get way too worked up over these things.”

One of the small countries has made a move on Fairytrof.

This fact alone will make any treaty we sign disadvantageous for the Confederation of Saff.

We are a collection of small countries, each with their own way of thinking, so we have no hope of going against a big, unified country like Fairytrof.

I’m sure Fairytrof will retaliate against the country that provoked it, and there is a chance that the consequences will spread to the entire confederation.

I think the best way to prevent this would be to capture the king responsible and hand him over to Fairytrof immediately.

But still, this wouldn’t solve everything, and it wouldn’t be easy to do in the first place.

I’m sure everyone else in the side that supports war will be behind the country starting a war with Fairytrof.

Even some of the ones who are against war will probably be in favor of fighting for the confederation, depending on how the situation progresses.

As for me, I never want to fight a war I have no chance of winning.

I mean, it’s impossible.

This confederation has no chance of beating Fairytrof even if every country is fighting.

The confederation is simply too disjointed.

“What should we do”

“For now… I guess capturing the king responsible would be best Regardless of whether or not we can avoid a war, we should cool things down a little if we hand the king responsible to Fairytrof… Then again… That could bring condemnation from the other kings…”

For me, the king that caused this is already an enemy.

But even the side that’s against war could condemn me for it, because they see the elderly king who is attached to this land as a fellow member of the confederation, regardless of what he did.

He’s still a king, even if he is the cause of this problem… Hm, it’s all a pain.

“But even if they do protest, we have to do it.

Go get him.”

“Understood, King Shuongalve.”

There’s a good chance that they’ll condemn me for this, but I still have to do what’s best for this confederation.

I can’t see the future, so I don’t know what will happen.

All I can do is what I think is best.

As the king of Rezzed, I have to do what’s best to insure its continued survival.

I’m sure the situation is just going to continue to get worse.

This Confederation of Saff is slowly but surely breaking.

I hear the rebellion in the country west of Fairytrof, the Kingdom of Migha, has ended.

I wonder how this is going to affect us and Fairytrof…

A king has to think about not only what’s near him, but what is beyond that too.

What a pain.

Seriously, can’t someone else take over

But for now at least, I’m still the king, so I have to do what I can.

“Ahh… We have no choice but to do something about this.”

I mumble while sighing and thinking about the trouble that’s about to begin.

—King and beginning

(One of the kings of the Confederation of Saff sighs in exasperation at the news he receives.

He knows more chaos is about to hit the confederation.)



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