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Chapter 298 – The educator’s records – Part seven

[Records regarding the miko]

Recorder: Landouno Stoffer

Lerunda, the miko, has started interacting with the god of the winged people.

We were surprised to learn that this god is actually a dragon.

A very large and incredibly powerful being.

I would love to meet the winged people’s god one day as well.

With his permission, I would like to ask all sorts of questions to this god and write down the answers.

Lerunda has heard from the winged people’s god which god is favoring her.

The sky god, or god of heavens.

The god which rules over all who fly through the sky.

This makes a lot of sense to me.

Lerunda is very clearly favored by beings that fly, such as gryphons, a sky horse, a spirit of the wind, and winged people.

She gets along with beast people and elves, but that was not always the case.

They were wary of her at first, and their current relationship was built through her efforts.

Lerunda also heard a lot about miko in general.

I really do want to talk to this god myself.

Also, Lerunda has formed a new contract.

I didn’t think it would be possible to form a contract with a dragon.

This dragon is quite majestic even though they are still very young.

Being friendly with the winged people’s god has also deepened Lerunda’s relations with them, and having flying humanoids on our side is an advantage in and of itself.

Phyto has become a ‘knight of the miko’, and we have been learning more about her power.

It’s truly fascinating.

Her power affects people who watch her dance.

This ability is very powerful, especially since it works regardless of distance.

But it also needs to be used carefully.

We can’t let anyone hostile to us know about it.

This applies to Lerunda as well, but there is a chance that bad people might want to kidnap Phyto, a ‘knight of the miko’ if they know about her power.

In fact, since Lerunda is the miko, she can probably sidestep almost any dangerous situation, but Phyto on the other hand has no such ability.

We have to be careful about this sort of thing, as this village becomes more involved with the outside world on the way to becoming a country.

A store has opened in the village.

I look forward to seeing how it will affect it.

People here had never seen a store before, so most are very interested and visit it day after day.

I also look forward to seeing more stores open as our population grows.

Sadda being here really makes a big difference.

I think his presence stimulates the village in a good way.

For some reason, some people seem wary of him.

I tell them he doesn’t actually have the power to do anything to the village, but they say I’m wrong.

It’s strange.

Lerunda says she doesn’t get a bad feeling from Sadda either, so I’m convinced he won’t be a problem, but I would still like to know what they mean exactly.

Nirushi and the others came back, and brought information about the world outside the village.

They found ruins in the forest, and a whole new country beyond the forest.

This is very interesting to me.

A whole new civilization lies dormant in those ruins and this new country.

I can’t help but be excited.

We need to be careful with how we approach this country, but for now it seems visiting these uninhabited ruins won’t be a problem.

I will be among the people exploring these ruins, and Lerunda has also expressed her wishes to go there.

If we only consider Lerunda’s safety, she should stay in the village, but still, I want to respect her wishes.

She may be a special being, but I have no intention of asking her to be like a bird in a cage.

I want Lerunda to be able to live as she pleases, and show me what future she sees for herself.

Mister Dongu and the others agree with me.

No matter how much we worry, that in itself is not a good enough reason to restrict her freedom.

She is twelve now, and it’s been over four years since we first met.

I have been with her all this time, but I still find her whole existence to be fascinating, and I still have the desire to know more about miko.

For this reason, I will continue to write about her until the end of my life.

Some of the knights who came from Migha went back to their country and will stay there for a while, and we are also going to explore the ruins soon.

We don’t know how either will influence the village, but I will be here to see what changes these events will bring.

—The educator’s records – Part seven

(The educator continues to write about the miko, and is determined to see with her own eyes how the village will develop.)


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