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Chapter 297 – Girl and the second spirit festival – Part four

A lot of people offer songs and dances to the spirits after the elves.

Among them are Phyto and her people, with their very refined moves.

Her dancing really is beautiful.

Phyto is slowly becoming better at using her power.

Right now she’s probably wishing for people watching her to feel happy, and I kind of feel my heart racing as I watch her dance.

A beautiful dance that inspires people when they watch it.

What a wonderful ability.

Her people’s dances combined with their unique outfits makes the whole thing feel really special.

They can’t see spirits, but I think it’s great how they still want to please them.

They’re also showing us songs made for their daughter of god, and just songs that have been passed down through generations.

It all feels like a dream.

It’s really fun.

Then it’s my turn to sing for the spirits, even though in my case it’s less about presenting a song to them and more about wanting to play with them and wanting them to have fun.

If they feel like it, they can join in too.

I stand in the center of the square, while thinking that it’d be nice if I could motivate them to do that.

Oh, and Freinet is going to sing with me too.

Freinet makes it so everyone can see her.

She sounds really excited.

We start singing a song made by the elves.

It’s a song made for the spirits to have fun, but also in a way that they can join in too.

My feelings as I sing are for us to have fun together.

First, the spirits start flying around me and Freinet, but as the song continues, they start joining us one after the other.

They start singing while using magic to make the ground move.

I always have fun watching them fly around and enjoying themselves.

The way Freinet and I are singing is not about singing well.

It’s all about having fun with the spirits.

And then, it’s over.

It should’ve been a pretty long song, but it went by really fast because I was having too much fun.

Then I hear people clapping with smiles on their faces.

Some say it was good too.

I was so busy having fun singing with the spirits that I completely forgot about everyone else watching.

I feel a little embarrassed, but I smile and say thank you.

Next, beast people sing.

Their songs are about gryphons, but the spirits still enjoy them.

Mister Villa and the other winged people are only interested in Doanea, so they don’t have any songs to present to the spirits.

I wonder what kind of songs and dances they have.

Or do they just not sing at all

I hope one day we’ll become close enough with them to learn what their songs are like.

Mister Ilma also reads from scripture.

…Apparently this scripture is actually something that he wrote himself and is pretty popular, not something that was already written.

I hear he’s been busy writing scripture praising me… I don’t really understand, but if that’s what he wants to do, I won’t stop him.

Miss Shehan, Mister Oshashio, and others have been keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t do anything crazy.

Sometimes Mister Ilma does try to go overboard, but they stop him.

I also try to make sure he doesn’t do anything to bother other people.

All this singing and dancing is a lot of fun, and I hardly feel the time passing.

Time really flies when you’re having fun.

It makes me question if time really flows at the same speed all the time.

But it’d be great if it was always this fun.

“Wasn’t that fun Lerunda! The spirit festival really is nice.”

“Yes, Mister Oshashio!”

Says Mister Oshashio while laughing and drinking something.

“I am very glad we could have another festival for the spirits this year.”

“Mister Sileva, you looked like you were having a lot more fun than usual.”

Mister Sileva sounds moved.

“Did my dance reach the spirits”


They looked like they really liked it.”

I tell Phyto.

“If there is a festival celebrating spirits, shouldn’t we have a festival for our god”

“A festival for Doanea… Hn… I should talk to Miss Lan about it.”

Mister Villa wants to have a festival about Doanea.

After the cooking contest and the singing and dancing, we just eat, drink, and have fun with everyone.

Everyone smiles and laughs until it’s time to end the second spirit festival.

—Girl and the second spirit festival – Part four

(The miko closes the curtain on the second spirit festival.)


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