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Chapter 294 – Girl and the second spirit festival – Part one

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“Well then, let us start the spirit festival.

Have fun everyone.”

A lady elf named Melhilde opens the spirit festival.

The elves worked harder than anyone else to prepare the spirit festival.

Mister Sileva is next, and he says some words of praise to the spirits and explains what kind of beings they are.

“Spirits are special beings to us.

They were unable to speak to us for a time, but I am truly glad the spirits and the spirit tree have recovered, and we are able to have this festival.”

Mister Sileva starts with this, and goes on to talk about how marvelous and special spirits are.

We all listen quietly, while the spirits have fun flying around.

It’s too bad so few of us can see them.

After hearing them speak under the spirit tree, it’s time for the cooking contest.

But we also have more food that people can eat as they like.

Kayu, Shinomi, and I decided to enter together.

Later tonight we are also going to sing to the spirits.

I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m excited to see if I can do it well.

The three of us tried our hardest to decide what we’re going to make.

We were told not to let the spirits see it before the contest starts, but I wonder if they’ll like it.

But in the end, it’s all right even if we don’t win.

Just taking part in this cooking contest is fun.

And practicing with Kayu and Shinomi was fun too.

“…I decided to enter, but I wonder how it will go…”

“It’s all right Lan, I’ll help.”

“…Thank you Fredale.

I will do my best.”

A cat beast person named Fredale is helping Miss Lan.

She says she’s not good at cooking, but she’s participating anyway.

A lot of elves are participating too.

I think it’s just because spirits are so important to them, and no one wants to make the spirits happy more than them.

The judges will be elves not taking part in the contest like Mister Sileva, and others like Mister Dongu.

Freinet is showing herself to everyone, and she’ll be telling us if the spirits are happy.

“I’m curious to see what kind of food people will present too.”

Freinet says with a smile.

Looking at the other spirits flying around and looking like they’re having fun makes me smile too.

Miss Wetani is here with Enarei too, with a gentle smile on her face.

Now that I think about it, there are a few pregnant women here in the village.

I heard that we are going to have more births in the village this year.

I’m really looking forward to it.

Enarei is still very small, but I wonder what he’ll be like when he’s bigger.

Someone as small as him will grow up and eventually be an adult… It feels strange, but great, and it’s part of the reason why I wonder what he’ll be like.

“We’re ready Lerunda.”

“Let’s do our best in the cooking contest.”

Kayu and Shinomi approach me while I think about Enarei.

They’re both wearing white aprons, supplied by Mister Sadda’s store.

Everyone participating in the cooking contest will be wearing them.

Shinomi hands me one, and I put it on too.

A simple kitchen was prepared in the square for the sake of this contest.

The ingredients will be things each of us hunted or bought beforehand.

A total of seven teams will be participating.

The groups are Me, Kayu, and Shinomi, Miss Lan and Miss Fredale’s group, and the other five are elves.

Some other people are participating alone or in pairs.

As for Miss Wetani, she’s one of the judges.

Phyto’s people and the winged people are here too, but they’re here as guests.

Phyto is going to dance later tonight, and her people are going to sing and dance too, as an offering to the spirits.

Mister Villa and the other winged people haven’t said what they’re going to do, but they keep looking at Doanea, who is with me.

It’s been decided that one group at a time is going to be cooking, so there’s still some time before our group or Miss Lan’s.

Even though she’s going to take part in the contest, she says she has to take notes on this festival and keeps writing.

She’s told they need to focus on the contest, so she eventually stops.

—Girl and the second spirit festival – Part one

(The second spirit festival begins in the miko’s village.)


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