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Chapter 292 – Girl and preparations for the spirit festival – Part one

“What are we going to do about this”

“Well, that…”

We are setting up the festival to celebrate the revival of the spirit tree.

This festival is now known as the spirit festival.

It’s been a year already.

That kind of feels weird.

The spirits were very happy when I told them about the spirit festival.

They’re still flying around near me.

They look really cute, flying around so freely.

Above all else, it’s fun doing something like this with everyone else.

Our lives are more comfortable now than they were last year.

Our lives are slowly becoming richer, our village is growing in population, and we are making new discoveries.

People are putting more effort into decorations this year, and making things look more showy.

Of course, no one is more excited than the elves.

I only ever see Mister Sileva looking this excited when it’s about something related to the spirits.

He’s always so calm and collected, so it makes me happy seeing him act so lively.

“I’m so glad that my boy can experience a spirit festival.”


Says Enarei, the baby in Miss Wetani’s arms.

He’s almost a one year old.

This small baby was born in this village.

I’m so happy to see him growing quickly.

Last year Enarei was still inside Miss Wetani’s belly, so he couldn’t enjoy the spirit festival with us.

That’s why Miss Wetani is smiling so much.

Watching her now, I think back to when we first met.

She never would’ve smiled like this to me back then.

◇ ◇ ◇

“Gaugaugau (What do we do with this, Lerunda)”

“Hn, over there.”

I’m decorating the spirit tree with Gaius.

We decided to decorate the spirit tree and make it all brilliant.

By the way, we asked the elves and the spirits, and they agreed to decorate it.

The spirits all looked like they thought it would be really fun.

So now I have my magic wings on, and I’m decorating the spirit tree.

It’s a way to practice my magic too.

Gaius is flying in his wolf form too, and skillfully using his mouth to help me.

But even though he’s used to running in the air, it looks like it’s not easy for him to float in one place to decorate the tree, so he has to go down to the ground all the time.

The spirit tree is really big, so everyone else has to stand on platforms to decorate it.

I’m really getting used to making wings and flying.

These decorations were made by everyone here too.

I’m not that good at doing stuff like this, so mine look kind of misshapen, but the spirits are happy anyway.

Everyone helped with the decorations, even Phyto’s people, the knights from Migha, and the winged people.

Everyone is making the village look pretty with the decorations we all made.

It’s enough for me to start smiling.

I look down, and see people decorating things like houses and even the ground.

This festival is all about making the spirits happy.

Of course, it doesn’t stop with the decorations.

We are going to be singing too.

I really like singing, so I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve been showing Miss Lan different songs so she can help me decide what I’m going to sing.

Someone here in the village that’s really good at music has been making new songs too.

It’s fun having favorites in the middle of all the songs we sing here in the village and singing them with everyone.

Preparing for the festival like this is fun too, and it makes me really excited.

“Gaugau!! (Lerunda!!)”

“Ah, sorry.”

I was so distracted thinking about how excited I am, that I didn’t notice I was slowly going down.

I can’t get too distracted when I’m flying with the magic wings.

Gaius lets me land on his back, and I thank him.

After finishing decorating, I go see Miss Lan.

She’s supervising the festival, and putting together everything we have to do.

I think she really likes taking notes, because she always looks happy while she does it.

I ask her what we should do next.

“Miss Sinorn and the others have been discussing what food we should serve during the festival.

How about you go there”


What about you”

“Me… I really can’t cook, so I don’t think I can help…”

Says Miss Lan with an awkward expression.

“But Miss Lan, you know about lots of different foods, so I think you should take part in this too.”

“Hn… But then I’m going to start wanting to cook a little too.

But yes, it might be good for me to participate.

I think I will go there later.”


I’ll be waiting.”

After talking to Miss Lan, I go to where Miss Sinorn and the others are.

—Girl and preparations for the spirit festival – Part one

(The miko prepares for the spirit festival.)


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