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Chapter 290 – Girl and the plan to go to the ruins – Part one

My life doesn’t really change much after I turn twelve.

My really fun birthday ends, and we go back to our normal lives.

But apparently people like Gaius that spend a lot of time with me think I’m getting a lot bigger.

I guess it’s like how from my point of view, Gaius is also changing from a boy to an adult.

“…What is it, Lerunda”

Gaius asks, because I’m staring at him.

“You’ve gotten pretty big.”

I say while reaching over to Gaius’ head.

The difference in our heights is bigger than it used to be.

“What are you doing…”

“You’re getting, more and more taller than me.”

It feels strange.

I’m growing, but Gaius is growing faster than me.

Is he going to get even taller Mister Athos was tall too.

Is he going to be the same height

“Of course.

I’m a boy and you’re a girl, and you’re younger too.”

“I see.”

After talking about this with Gaius, I go for a walk with him and the gryphons Wason and Yuin.

We also want to hunt monsters on the way and gather fruits if we find them.

Gaius turns into his wolf form.

He can run through the sky in this form, and sometimes I sit on top of him while he does.

At first it wasn’t easy.

It’s not like Gaius ever did anything like running through the sky with someone riding him.

There were even times when I almost fell off.

But we’re slowly getting used to it, and now Gaius can run around with me.

Flying while feeling his fluffy fur is nice.

He was a little flustered when I first laid down on top of him while he ran, but it really feels nice and fluffy.

“Gaugau… (Don’t pet me too much…)”

“Ah, sorry.

It just feels so nice.”


(You can do it when we’re not flying.)”

Gaius doesn’t really say anything when I pet him while he’s in his wolf form.

I guess it’s because he feels more like a wolf in that form.

I can’t pet him like that when he’s in his human form, so I’m happy I get to do it when he’s a wolf.

“Guruurururu, uru.

(You’re getting good at flying, Gaius.)”

“Guruguru, ruru.

(Fly with me too when I’m bigger, Lerunda.)”

Wason and Yuin are flying right beside us.

Yuin is bigger than when we first met too, even if he’s still the smallest of the gryphons.

This means he’s still not big enough for me to ride him.

“Yes, I look forward to it.”

I’m happy to be able to look forward to more things.

“Gau, gaugauuu, uuu (So, people are going to the ruins, right)”

“Did you hear about it too”


(I hear Miss Lan and Mister Dongu talk about it from time to time.)”


I told Miss Lan I want to go too.”

“Gaugaugau (Really)”

“It will be after they investigate them, but they said I could go.

I can’t wait”

Mister Dongu and Miss Lan have been talking about how exactly they’re going to study these ruins.

They say the first thing they have to do is see if there isn’t anything dangerous.



I want to go too.

I should tell them.”


It’d be great if we went together.”

I’m sure it would be fun if we could go and find new things together.

It’s because I’ve met Gaius that I’ve made it this far and came all the way here.

That just makes me think about how much I really like him.

I want to say how I feel too, so I do it while enjoying the fluffiness of his wolf form.

“Gaius, I really like you.”

“Gau (What’s that all of a sudden)”

“I was just thinking that I really like you.”

I say while smiling, and Gaius turns away.


“…Gaugau, Gaugaugau.

(…You’re already twelve, so I don’t think you should be saying that so casually.)”


“Gau Gaugaugaugaugau.


(Why It won’t be long until you’re old enough to get married.

You’re going to cause weird misunderstandings.)”


“Gau, gaugaugaugau… (It’s fine, you don’t understand…)”

Gaius stops talking, and I still don’t get what I did wrong.

But now that I think about it, I remember talking about this with Kayu and the others too.

Will they tell me if I ask I’ll ask.

This thought is on my mind while we collect fruit and hunt, and then return to the village.

—Girl and the plan to go to the ruins – Part one

(The miko’s village makes plans to head to the ruins.)


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