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Chapter 289 – The girl’s twelfth birthday – Part three

Miss Lan says this day is going to be a day when people celebrate my birthday, and just have fun and celebrate in general.

It’s a special day, and we’re not going to be hunting or doing anything like that.

Part of the reason why everyone is wearing different clothes than usual is to really make it feel like it’s a special day.

Is it really a good idea to make my birthday into a special day like this Part of me can’t help but feel this way, but since I’m the miko, apparently it’s good to have days like these as this place gets bigger.

I hear that from now on my birthday will be a day like this every year.

Like a holiday or a festival day.

Miss Lan has been leading an effort to make sure people are aware of what day it is by distributing calendars.

Apparently countries have all sorts of holidays.

I’ve never been involved with this sort of thing, but now this village has the day of the spirit tree revival, the singing festival, and my birthday.

Still, I’ve never gotten to spend a day wearing such a pretty dress, so I don’t know what I’m going to do now that I’ve had breakfast.

For now, I’m just sitting in the square, watching the spirits have fun.

It kind of feels like a waste that not everyone can see the spirits celebrating my birthday.

Phyto starts doing a beautiful dance in the center of the square.

She’s not wearing a dress.

She’s wearing the same type of clothes that her people usually wear, except it feels a little fancier.

Miss Lan says Phyto didn’t want to wear a dress, so she’s wearing that outfit instead.

She’s dancing while looking straight at me.

She looks really beautiful when she dances.

The spirits around us are dancing too.

Also, her people and even winged people came here too.

It feels great having so many people here celebrating my birthday.

No one used to do it, but now so many people celebrate my birthday with me.

It really feels like I’m blessed, because this sort of thing has become more or less normal to me.

…I wonder how my sister is doing.

I thought about this for the first time last year when Mister Sadda told me about her.

My sister feels both close and distant to me.

We’ve never talked, but she is my twin sister.

“What’s wrong Lerunda”

Gaius asks while I stare off into the distance.


I suddenly face forward again, and see Phyto finishing her dance, and Kayu asking Lilyd to dance with her.

Miss Lan and Mister Sadda have been teaching people how to dance.

They say that in big towns, men and women join hands and dance.

Kayu is inviting Lilyd because she really likes him.

Lilyd answers with ‘why do I have to dance!’, but Kayu says ‘just do it!!’, and they end up dancing together.

They haven’t been practicing a lot, so they step on each other a few times, but it looks like they’re having fun.

I keep looking at them, and it must look like I want to dance too.

“Lerunda, do you want to dance too I’m not sure how well I can do it though.”

Says Gaius while reaching out to me with his hand.

Dancing with him sounds really fun!

“Yes! Let’s dance!!”

I take Gaius’ hand, and we dance together.

It’s my first time dancing with Gaius, and we’re clumsy and step on each other, but it’s still fun.

Maybe it’s because the four of us started dancing, but more people start dancing and singing too.

It all feels really fun.

Since it’s my birthday, a lot of people wish me a happy birthday, and I get presents too.

What a happy day.

I’m already twelve.

I’m slowly getting closer to becoming an adult, even if I don’t look that different from last year.

“Gaius, let’s keep getting along.”

“What’s that all of a sudden”

“I was just thinking, I hope we stay together.”

“Ah, yes.

Me too.”

Answers Gaius with a smile.

I hope we can stay together even after we become adults.

Next year, the one after that… No matter how much things change, I wish I can always have happy days like this.

—The girl’s twelfth birthday – Part three

(The miko feels happy on her twelfth birthday.)


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