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Chapter 288 – The girl’s twelfth birthday – Part two

After changing clothes and heading to the square, I see spirits flying around, as if blessing my birthday.

I see Gaius and Mister Dongu.

They’re also wearing something different.

They usually wear clothes that make it easy for them to move when they’re doing things like hunting, but today the men are wearing nice outfits too.

Gaius is wearing a black, close-fitting outfit.

It feels weird seeing him look so different.

I can feel my heart beating faster too.

“Gaius, you look cool!”

“…W-what’s that all of a sudden…”

He does look cool.

I just said what I really think, but he looks flustered and moves his head to the side.

But the way his tail is moving tells me he doesn’t dislike it.

I stare at him for a bit until he faces my way again.

“T-that looks good on you too.

You look cute!”

“Thank you!”

Gaius said I look cute!

Mister Sadda and the others prepared this dress just for me, so hearing it looks cute on me makes me really happy.

“Also, happy birthday.”

“Thank you.”

I never knew before I met them how warm it feels to hear people wish me a happy birthday.

I’m really thankful to them for this.

I’m already twelve… I was seven when I met Gaius.

Time really moves fast.

A lot has happened since that day we met.

We met a lot of people and experienced a lot of things, and we’ve been through all of this together.

“…Thank you for everything, Gaius.”

“That’s really sudden too.”

“I’m sure I’ve made it this far, because I’m with all of you.

I’m really happy now, so thank you.”

“…I see.

I should thank you too.

I’m here now because I met you.

There’s been some tough times too, but I’m sure it’s because we met that I’m still alive.”

Gaius thanks me too.

For some reason Kayu is sneakily watching us talk.

Why is she hiding

I don’t really understand, but I’ve been noticing her watching me talk with Gaius a lot lately, and she always looks like she’s having fun.

“You look great, Lan.”

“Thank you Sadda.”

Mister Sadda compliments Miss Lan with a spark in his eyes when he sees her all dressed up.

I think it’s nice that they’re so close, but Mister Nirushi is nearby, and for some reason he doesn’t look too happy.

“What’s wrong, Mister Nirushi Did something happen”

Did something bad happen to him

He says ‘it’s nothing’, and goes back to his usual smile.

He pats my head, like he’s telling me there’s no reason to worry.

Then he leaves and goes to talk with other cat beast people.

He was looking at Miss Lan and Mister Sadda.

I thought he was going to talk to her.

And then…

“Miss Lerunda!!”

It’s Mister Ilma.

He’s wearing his usual priest’s outfit.

I ask him why he’s not wearing something different like everyone else, and he says ‘these clothes are my uniform, and since I am going to stand before Miss Lerunda I…’ and then he continues for a long time.

He always talks a lot, especially when I ask questions.

I feel like for every word I say he says ten, and he always talks so fast, that it’s hard for me to understand a lot of it.

But he doesn’t get upset even if I don’t understand what he’s talking about.

And next to him is Miss Shehan.

“You look pretty, Miss Shehan.”

She’s also wearing a beautiful dress.

Ever since Miss Shehan told Mister Ilma how she feels, she’s been dressing more girly instead of wearing her armor all the time.

Still, this is the first time I’ve ever seen her wearing a dress.

The dress she’s wearing is red and just a bit revealing.

I’m sure she’s wearing something like this for Mister Ilma.

I think that part of her is really cute.

I don’t mind that Mister Ilma thinks I’m special and prays for me, but… I wish he’d pay more attention to Miss Shehan, who is always trying so hard for his sake.

“Mister Ilma, what do you think, of Miss Shehan’s dress”

“Shehan’s I think it’s a little too revealing, but I think it looks really nice, and it suits her.”

…Mister Ilma responds very casually.

Miss Shehan on the other hand has turned completely red.

She really likes him.

I can’t help but smile at how cute this is.

—Chapter 288 – The girl’s twelfth birthday – Part two

(The miko talks to various people on her birthday.)


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