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Chapter 285 – The sister stays back at home

“Is Princess Ninaev all right…”

I whisper while looking outside the mansion.

The weather is nice today.

The clear blue sky makes my heart feel bright too, but there’s also an uneasiness inside me.

Princess Ninaev is on her way to the neighboring country, the Kingdom of Migha.

Apparently her fiance, Hicked Migha, has ended the rebellion in the Kingdom of Migha.

I hear he’s become king too.

I don’t really understand this complicated stuff, but I do know that Princess Ninaev going to Migha is a big deal.

I wanted to stay with her.

I wanted to go with her to Migha even if it’s dangerous.

But she said no.

She said it’s really complicated because I was in the temple in Fairytrof as the miko.

She told me part of the reason why she’s going is to make peace with Migha, and that she will come back.

She also told me that we’re going to have to talk about my future, if she really does marry into the Kingdom of Migha.

I remember her gentle smile when she said we’re going to have that discussion when she returns.

Right now, I think I want to stay by her side if I can, but that might be difficult.

She might be against it even if I really want it.

Also, being by her side comes with good and bad things.

I really have to consider everything carefully, or Princess Ninaev won’t let me be with her.

I tell people here in the mansion I want to stay with Princess Ninaev, and they teach me lots of things to help me do that.

I’ve been learning a lot ever since Princess Ninaev saved me.

All she does is give to me, but I couldn’t do anything even when her fiancee was in trouble in the kingdom next door.

I want to be able to help her too.

“That’s it Alice.

You’re getting very good at serving tea.”

“Thank you.”

I’m learning how to be a waiting maid for Princess Ninaev.

If I can learn and do more things, I increase the means I have to be with her.

The uniform I’m wearing right now is a little different than the other waiting maids.

People that live here in the mansion and some of the townspeople had it made for me.

The others’ uniforms are a subdued black color, but mine is pink with lots of frills.

It feels like it’s both a maid’s outfit and a dress.

I’ve been given a lot of things, but it feels like ever since I met Princess Ninaev, the things I receive make my heart feel warm.

Everything feels special to me.

It feels lonely not having Princess Ninaev here.

She’s never been away from the mansion for so long before.

There’s no one else in the world I can count on more than her.

If this happened back when I first came here, I would’ve probably just felt lonely and worried, and there would be nothing I could do about it.

When I think about it this way, I guess it’s good that Princess Ninaev went away now.

I’m getting along with people here, and being with them makes me less lonely.

“Let’s do our best and have Princess Ninaev compliment you when she gets back.”

I’m still worried about Princess Ninaev, and I hope she doesn’t run into any danger, but I’m sure she’ll be happier to see me working on doing what I can, rather than just being here nervous.

I like it when she compliments me, and when she smiles at me and tells me to do my best.

There’s not much I can do while I wait for her here in Fairytrof, but I’m still going to do what I can.

One step at a time.

It’s with this thought in my heart that I keep learning what I can from people here in the mansion.

—The sister stays back at home

(The sister stays in the mansion, and continues to learn.)


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