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Chapter 284 – Girl and people heading to the kingdom – Part two

“Then we will also try to get information about Alice.

I think we should try to go to the Kingdom of Fairytrof too, if we can.

We don’t know the current situation of either country, so it would probably be a good idea to check both.”

Says Miss Quay, a merchant who came to our village with Mister Sadda.

Miss Quay is a woman in her forties with light brown hair and freckles on her face.

She’s one of the people who are going to Migha.

I hear she lost her husband a few years ago.

She said ‘I have nothing more to lose, so I might as well work hard for the young master’.

The young master she’s talking about is Mister Sadda.

Does she call him that because she’s known him for a long time

We know the path to the Kingdom of Migha, but the forest is still a dangerous place.

Miss Lan says my powers as the miko minimize damage from monsters, but it would normally be a lot worse.

The Kingdom of Migha… The country that killed Mister Athos.

The prince I saw back then is taking action now.

I only know about this because I heard about it, and I don’t know what results his actions are having.

It’s impossible to know these things here in the forest.

And there’s my sister too.

I know she was taken in by a princess, but that’s all I know.

These people are going to bring us the information we need.

Worst case scenario, they bring more knights from Migha or Fairytrof with them to attack us.

This is a possibility brought up by Mister Nirushi, who was opposed to letting them go.

But I don’t get a bad feeling from them.

Miss Lan and Mister Dongu also don’t think they want to be our enemies, so they are being allowed to go to Migha.

What kind of information will they bring I hope whatever happens has a positive impact on the village.

Some people still have ill feelings towards the knights and merchants from Migha, but after the store was opened and we started training together, that gap has been slowly closing.

Gaius is really motivated about becoming stronger than Mister Sadnid too.

Because of this, now that the knights and merchants are leaving, people are telling them to be careful and to come back safely.

They definitely don’t have everyone’s full trust, but they do get along well enough for people to wish for their safety.

I say the same thing too.

“Be careful.

Came back, safely.”

I’m going to pray for them too.

I don’t know how much it helps, but I’m still going to pray at the altar, and wish for them to return safely.

“Hearing you say that really makes me think we will, Lerunda.”

Says Miss Quay with a smile.

We haven’t talked that much, but we do talk from time to time.

The people that came from Migha still aren’t fully free here in the village, but we talk when they’re allowed outside.

Miss Quay is nice.

I really like her smile.

“…Make sure you come back alive.

I still have to get stronger than you!!”

“Yes, I will.

I look forward to seeing how much stronger you will be when I do.”

Mister Sadnid is going too.

I can see a strong will in his eyes as he talks with Gaius.

He means what he says when he says he’s coming back.


(It would be safer if we went too.)”

“Yes, but it’d be dangerous if you were found in Migha.

When they went out to explore, they had to make sure no one saw Wason too…”

There is the option of gryphons and Scifo going with them, but my dear family isn’t going this time.

As Scifo and I talk about this, the people going to Migha leave the village.

Only a few people are going, and even though they know the way, there’s probably still danger waiting for them.

There’s even a chance that not everyone will make it back.

I hope they stay safe… And I pray to god that they do.

—Girl and people heading to the kingdom – Part two

(The miko says goodbye to the people going to Migha, and prays for them to come back safely.)


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