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Chapter 280 – The girl hears about the decaying ruins – Part two

“So is there anything laying dormant in these ruins Do you know anything about that How big was that country There is something there, isn’t there

If we do find relics in these ruins, we can study them and maybe estimate how long it has been…”

“Pikiii, iiiiiii!! (Eeei, stop shaking me!!)”

“M-Miss Lan, I know you’re very interested in this, but calm down.”

After hearing about the ruins, Miss Lan faced Doanea and started asking questions while shaking them.

Doanea probably thinks this is annoying, because Miss Lan is sent flying to the ground, but not too hard.

“Hey! Are you all right Lan!”

“Doanea!! You can’t do that!”

Mister Nirushi runs towards Miss Lan, and I reprimand Doanea.


(She is at fault for shaking me.)”

Responds Doanea.

Well, at least Doanea did hold back.

“It’s all right, I got carried away too.

I’m sorry Doanea.”


(It is fine as long as you understand.)”

Miss Lan smiles.

She can tell Doanea forgives her even though she can’t actually understand what was said.

“Miss Lan, are you going to investigate the ruins”

“Yes, I will.

Of course, we should also look into the village Nirushi and the others found, but the ruins are closer to our village, so I think we should head there first.

We could also prepare an expedition aimed just at investigating the ruins.

I want to be a part of it if it happens.”

“I want to go too.”

I say, and Miss Lan and Mister Nirushi look like they’re considering it.

I want to see the ruins, and that village that’s even further too.

I know staying here in the village is safer, but I want to work for the village like everyone else, even if I’m the miko.

Hearing about these ruins makes me interested in them too.

What are they like What can we find there I’m really curious.

“I see.

I think you should be able to go.

Part of me wishes you would stay here in the village and away from danger, but that’s not what you want, is it So you have my support.

If you’re going to go out like this, I think it’s a good idea to start with a place where there are no people.

We never know what might happen in a populated place like a village.

And if you really want to go, you can go when we do further investigations”

“Yes, it’s probably better this way.

In that village, we’d be with people that are different from what we’re used to.

We returned safely this time, but who knows what will happen next time.

We should gather more information before we even think about taking Lerunda there.”

Answer Miss Lan and Mister Nirushi.

I’m happy that they don’t have a problem with me going to the ruins.

But they still don’t want me to all of a sudden go to places where there are people.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a kid or because I’m the miko.

They’re still not sure if that place Mister Nirushi visited before is a friend or an enemy.

Miss Lan says that if they find out I’m the miko, or just that I have special powers, they might try to use me.

“Lerunda would probably be fine, just because she is the miko, but if a powerful group is after us, the rest of us might not be safe.

I want to do my best to make sure everyone can come back safely.”


The truth is, I have powers that other people don’t have, but what happened to Mister Athos and Mister Roma is proof that they’re not all-powerful.

Miss Lan is probably right in that I might be safe when other people aren’t.

I don’t think I’ll have a problem surviving in places where I just sort of feel I can survive, but I want to live with everyone.

I don’t want to just survive on my own.

That’s why we can’t do anything reckless.

If I go to the ruins, I might be causing a problem too.

I don’t know if me leaving the village will affect it.

But in the end, it’s not like everything will be peaceful if I just stay in the village forever.

“Yes… I’m tired, so I’m going to bed soon.

We’ll talk more later.”

“Sorry for keeping you here.

Rest well.”

Mister Nirushi goes home, and Miss Lan says we should talk with Mister Dongu about the ruins some other time.

We go home together, and I go to bed too.

—The girl hears about the decaying ruins – Part two

(The miko asks to visit the ruins.)


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