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Chapter 279 – The girl hears about the decaying ruins – Part one


(People used to live in this land long ago.)”

Doanea starts talking.

Does Mister Douroean have memories of a time when people lived here And does that mean he’s been here this whole time

Doanea says people used to live here a long time ago, probably many hundreds of years ago, and there was a big country too.

Right now, this place is a vast forest with a lot of threatening monsters.

That’s why we came here, because it’s too dangerous for the Kingdom of Migha and the Kingdom of Fairytrof to come this far and meddle.

It’s hard to imagine when I look at all this green in front of me, but there used to be a place big enough to be called a country here.

That place fell a long time ago.

“Pikii, iiiii.


(The country that once stood here experimented with magic energy, which went haywire and destroyed it.

This land became unsuitable to live in for a period of time.)

There used to be a big, prosperous kingdom here, but at some point they started doing dangerous experiments.

When these magic energy experiments went wrong, this land became a place where people couldn’t live for some time.

“What do you mean unsuitable to live in And I had no idea such country existed!!”

I tell Miss Lan what Doanea said, and her eyes start shining.

She’s really happy about learning something new.


(The magic energy was too densely concentrated.)”

“Is that why people couldn’t live here”


Pikiii, iii.



Most living beings can’t survive when magic energy is too concentrated, and not even plants will grow.

Nothing grew in this place for a while after that.)”

It sounds unbelievable, but apparently that happened a long time ago, and nothing lived very long here.

“But how did it turn into this”

Asks Freinet, who was quiet all this time and hovering near us while listening intently.



(Even a situation such as that can be solved with time.

And it is also partially thanks to my father’s efforts.)”

“Mister Douroean”




(My father decided to live here because it’s away from annoying things.

Apparently dealing with humans wanting to hunt him was too vexing.)”

It sounds like a dragon like Mister Douroean can live even in a place where no one else is living.

And apparently people try to hunt him just because he’s a strong monster, even though he didn’t do anything.

Why do they have to do something terrible like that Is it because they’re scared of his power

There are things that I just sort of feel and know, but maybe people do those things because they don’t understand things the same way.

“Pikiiiii, iii.


(Some time after my father started living here, a human miko came here to take him down, but they started getting along.

Apparently the miko didn’t have a problem with the magic energy concentration either.)

Does that mean I can also go to places where the magic energy is so concentrated that people can’t live there Or was that just a characteristic of that specific miko And I remember hearing from Mister Douroean about a miko that went here to take him down, but ended up becoming his friend.

It sounds like Mister Douroean settled here, and slowly began to fix the magic energy in this area.

“Pikiiii, iii, ii.

Pikiiii, iiii.

(More time passed, and around the time when nature began to slowly return to this land, a monster miko appeared.

That miko liked this place, and wished for it to become a place where monsters could live more easily.)”

The country was destroyed, and no one could live here.

Then Mister Douroean settled here, and with time it became a place where living beings could live again.

And then a monster miko appeared, and that miko’s wish made it so living beings could live here more easily.

Ah, I see.

So this forest is so rich in nature and full of monsters because that miko’s influence is still in effect.

All because that miko wanted monsters to live better here.

“So this land is so splendid because of the wish of a miko that has since passed away!! Ah, this is really worth looking into!!”

“Lan, calm down!”

Miss Lan is really excited as she hears my explanation of what Doanea said, and Mister Nirushi has to rush to try to calm her.

“Doanea, if Mister Douroean came here after the time when people lived here, how does he know about that country”


(The miko he was friends with told him about it.)”

“I see…”

So that’s why a monster like Mister Douroean knows about a country that existed a long time ago.

—The girl hears about the decaying ruins – Part one

(The miko learns about the humans that lived in that land.)


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