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Chapter 274 – After the rebellion

The king of Migha has been killed and the princes have disappeared.

The news shocked not only the Kingdom of Migha, but also the surrounding countries.

A mysterious prince killed his brothers and his father, and allied with non-humans who were treated as beasts in his country.

Hicked Migha, a prince so beautiful it almost felt artificial in its ability to leave people breathless.

However, this beautiful rose had sharp thorns.

These thorns succeeded in killing his brothers and the king.


After killing the king, this beautiful king pushed down those who revolted against him by force.

He used powerful magic and commanded beast people and dragon people.

Many who thought to take his life decided instead to serve under him.

He was a terrifying, coldhearted prince, who took the throne by force.

The citizens of Migha feared their new king, and worried for the future of the kingdom and its relationship with the neighboring Kingdom of Fairytrof.

The prince succeeded in his rebellion through sheer power.

He could not be left alone, and some tried to become closer to this person who would be the new king.

Beautiful noble girls were offered to him, but he paid them no attention.

Although he suppressed those around him by force, he was still not fully recognized as king.

He would have to continue working to earn this recognition.

He chose to have beast people and dragon people as his close associates even after the rebellion was a success, a decision that surprised many and brought significant backlash, which Hicked also suppressed.

And as for the cat person who chose to take the kingdom’s side, contrary to what most expected, he was not punished by Hicked.

The beast people of the rebel army glared at him, but Hicked simply talked to him, and decided there would be no punishment.

“…So that’s your choice.

All right.”

Said Hicked to the cat beast person at the end of their conversation.

What choice was this No one besides them knew, but the cat beast person would not be killed, and would continue to work for Migha.

There was opposition from all sorts of different people, but Hicked’s decision to keep him at his side was final.

Even after receiving Hicked’s compassion, the cat beast person’s attitude stayed the same.

People who opposed Hicked began to approach him, but that was a different story.

The Kingdom of Fairytrof was still recovering, so it chose a path of peace with Migha.

Thankfully, their fifth princess was also engaged with Hicked.

Some felt she was no longer a suitable fiancee for him, but he still chose his old acquaintance, Ninaev Fairy.

And so, Ninaev Fairy went to the capital of Migha and to the man some were calling coldhearted king and cruel king.

Although she had attendants, she basically had no escort.

The rebellion was over.

The king was dead, and the seventh prince took his place.

Still, this end meant a new beginning.

Old goals were accomplished, but new ones took their place.

Goals never end, it all depends on whether the person following them is satisfied, or decides to press forward.

Hicked Migha was not satisfied with simply becoming king.

He knew this was a new beginning, and the new king would have to fight again to make his dreams come true.

—After the rebellion

(The curtain closes on the rebellion in the Kingdom of Migha, with the seventh prince becoming king by killing his father.

But this is nothing more than a new beginning, and the coldhearted prince will have to fight again for his goals.)


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