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Chapter 272 – The cat causes confusion

Two people.

I killed two beast people.

I learned their names later, because if someone comes after me for revenge, I want to face it head on.

My hands are already soiled, and what I received in return is a position in the Kingdom of Migha.

I’m sure it’s partially because they think it’s amusing to have a beast person fight the rebel army, but I’m being ordered to work towards subjugating it.

I’m doing my best not to kill anyone, but without results, I’ll be removed from here.

Still, it’s better if someone like me is in this position, and not those that don’t even see beast people as people.

Also, I’m still not able to talk to that prince directly, and I’ve only talked to him through that dragon person a few times.

If I can do a good job distracting people here… I’m sure it will all go as planned.

I have to keep believing this and keep moving.

My heart will break if I stop.

I haven’t seen my family either.

They might have died somewhere along the way, or something terrible might be happening to them.

My heart hurts every time I think about this, and it makes me want to hurry up and be more reckless, but impatience leads to failure.

I know all this, but I still want to fulfill my goals as quickly as possible.

I never know when someone might discover my schemes.

If people from Migha find out what I’m doing, I’m dead, and other beast people will be in a worse position too.

So I have to keep moving.

No one knows how I really feel.

There aren’t any other beast people like me, and I’m the only one infiltrated here.

It was pure chance that the noble girl took a liking to me and I got this opportunity.

I guess my only comrade, the only person who shares my goal, is that prince.

It feels kind of discouraging, not having anyone near me I can talk to or confide in, but even if I’m surrounded by enemies and don’t have a single friend by my side, I still have an objective I want to see fulfilled more than anything else.

What will happen to me once these stressful days are over I might lose all motivation to do anything, but I should leave that aside for now.

There’s a lot of bad things running through my mind, but it’s best if I just focus on my objective.

I’ve been gathering information on the rebel army on my own.

I can do this because I obey orders from the Kingdom of Migha, but still, I can’t really act alone, and I always feel like someone is watching me.

Even though I work for this country, they are still wary of me just because I’m a beast person, so even if I want to work alone to gather information about the rebel army, my range is very limited.

They trust me to a certain extent, but I’m still just a beast person to them.

I’ve been sharpening my five senses and listening to what people around me say.

Even the most trivial pieces of information can be connected to the rebel army.

Some of the things I hear are that princes have been dying one after the other, rumors that there is some sort of dreadful demon-like being in the rebel army, and future plans of the rebel army.

A lot of information enters my ears, some of which I’m not sure how true it is.

I try to figure out what the rebel army will do based on this information, and try to confuse things here to make it easier for them.

I’m not that free to do what I want.

If I was, it would be easier to gather information, but I work with what I have.

At least I can more or less understand what the rebel army is doing.

I’m sure that prince won’t give up until he accomplishes his goal, but I wonder what he’s doing exactly.

Then I realize something.

That prince isn’t at all important to the kingdom.

It doesn’t matter if he dies or goes missing, and no one is counting on him for anything or cares if he’s around.

No one expects someone like him to rebel.

He’s taking advantage of their carelessness.

He doesn’t think the rebel army can defeat the Kingdom of Migha, but he’s striking while there’s an opening.

This is why I’m leaking false information to the Kingdom of Migha, and helping cause confusion.

I’m a beast person, but what I say sounds reasonable, so they believe it, at least for now.

I don’t know if they actually fully believe what I say, but at least I’m guiding them in a way that makes it easier for the rebel army to move.

Eventually, my information is used when they formulate strategies for a battle, which ends with them not being able to deal a blow to the rebel army.

I am heavily criticized and blamed for this, so I try my hardest to appear sincere when I apologize.

Since the lady isn’t here, they also hurt me physically, but I’m just glad they failed to defeat the rebel army.

Even after this, I continue spreading information that is easy to believe but allows the rebel army to move more freely.

This information isn’t used as a base for a lot of strategies, but when it is, it serves to give more power to the rebel army.

And as I’m doing this… It’s becoming harder to tell which members of royalty are still alive.

—The cat causes confusion

(The cat spreads misinformation that sounds credible based on what he knows to stall the kingdom’s army.

The small lies continue piling up, and members of royalty are disappearing.)


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