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Chapter 267 – The girl hears the results of the test – Part one

Today I’m helping Miss Zeshihi.

An elf lady named Sujii is here too.

Miss Lan said in the meeting that people here should have more defined roles, but Miss Zeshihi was a healer even back in the wolf beast people’s village, so she’s choosing to stay on this path and specialize in being a healer.

Miss Lan says that as this place becomes bigger, medical facilities are very important to stabilize it and make people feel safe.

Mister Sadda is also helping with this project.

Miss Zeshihi has been in this position all this time, so she’s the one in charge.

I can use holy magic, but I’ve been told that it’s best if we don’t rely on it too much.

There’s a very good chance that leaving all the injured people to me would cause problems later down the line, and it would be a big burden for me too.

Thankfully, no one here in the village is seriously hurt.

Some people do get hurt sometimes, but Miss Lan says that maybe it doesn’t go beyond that thanks to the influence of the miko.

“Miss Zeshihi, what is this”


Miss Zeshihi is teaching me lots of things.

Spending time with her here makes me realize that she really likes working as a healer.

I have the miko’s power, but there’s still a lot I have to learn.

People like her are a lot more incredible.

By the way, Rumiha, Yuin, and Doanea came here with me, but they probably got bored of hearing Miss Zeshihi teaching me, because they’re fast asleep.

As I learn from Miss Zeshihi along with Miss Sujii, Miss Lan and Phyto arrive.

“You’re here today Lerunda”

“We were looking for you.”

“Miss Lan and Phyto What is it”

I think back, and wonder if I made any plans with them.

I don’t think I did.

“I have compiled the results of the tests we did about Phyto’s dance.”

“I thought we should hear it together.”

So that’s it.

Miss Lan has the results and they were looking for me so we can hear them.

“I see.

I’m sorry Miss Zeshihi, but I have to leave for a bit.”

“Don’t worry.

See you later.”

“I’ll be back when we’re done.”

“All right.”

After talking with Miss Zeshihi, and deciding not to wake Doanea and the others, I exit the building.

Miss Zeshihi and Miss Sujii say they’ll look after them, especially Doanea, who is still a baby.

“Well then, I’ll start telling you my conclusions.”

Says Miss Lan with a lively expression.

She’s holding a notebook that she made herself.

The cover is full of notes she took about Phyto’s dance.

Phyto and I sit next to each other and listen.

“First of all, Phyto really does have the ability to raise the limits of the power of people around her.

It’s very interesting how her power as a 『knight of the miko』 influences others and not herself, as opposed to Reimar and Gaius.

It would be very interesting to find out why she turned out different in that aspect.

Keep in mind that these results are only based on her present condition, but as for the test itself, it seems it’s important for people to actually watch Phyto dance.

People I placed in places where they wouldn’t be able to see her, weren’t influenced by her dance.”

Miss Lan says Phyto’s power doesn’t work if people can’t see her.

But she says this is just the present condition, so she’s thinking that maybe Phyto’s power can improve.

“But what’s amazing is that as long as people are watching Phyto, they receive at least some of her influence, no matter how far away they are.

Even if they are far enough away that Phyto is just a small speck in their eyes, people still reported that it was a little easier for them to move.

I think this is incredible!!

Of course, the people closest to her received a bigger boost, but everyone present reported that they received her influence.

I could not ascertain how many people she can influence at a time, but I think it’s an incredible ability if just being visible is enough to influence others.”

Says Miss Lan as she looks at Phyto with a happy expression.

Phyto looks happy too.

“However, one thing in particular could become an issue if you don’t use this ability well.”

Miss Lan has more to say.

—The girl hears the results of the test – Part one

(The miko and the daughter of god hear the results of the test.)


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