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Chapter 266 – The cat infiltrates the country

“Apparently a prince has gone missing.

How dreadful.”

Whispers the lady while peeking my way.

I can tell exactly what she wants from me, and I say what she expects.

“Lady, please don’t make that face.

I much prefer it when you smile.

I swear I will protect you.”

After hearing this, her face turns red with a satisfied smile.

Honestly, I don’t like her at all, so it makes me a little sick, but this is just something I have to do.

When that dragon person visited me, I told him my true feelings, before asking him to confirm if that seventh prince is still alive, and help him if he is.

I wondered if that dragon person would be able to find him, until he came back.

He snuck in here without the lady noticing.

Dragon people have light but tough bodies, so they can easily sneak into places that would be hard for anyone else, like this third floor.

It looks like that seventh prince joined the rebel army, and is trying to change this country.

And thanks to the dragon person’s help, he’s using magic better than before.

That was the last time the dragon person came here, so I don’t know exactly what the seventh prince is doing now.

What I do know is that the seventh prince is with the rebel army, and gained power thanks to the dragon person’s help.

I’m sure he’s out there making moves.

I have to do something too.

What should I do to infiltrate this country from the inside I have this lady’s trust, but that won’t be enough.

“Lady, I want to rid you of your uncertainty, so… Can you recommend me”

I take her hand and look straight into her eyes.

My attitude is that of an admirable man who wants to rid the country of all this uncertainty to make the lady stop worrying.

Her eyes start shining.

She’s looking at me like a princess being protected by a prince.

The idea of me being a prince just makes me sneer, but those delusions are good for me.

As per her recommendation, I begin working for the Kingdom of Migha.

Many people are suspicious of a cat beast person working for Migha, but I show absolute submission to the lady, and willingness to hurt other beast people.

This is all vital for me to infiltrate deeper into the country.

“…Should we put down the rebel army”


In order to show my resolve, I can’t hesitate when I’m asked these questions.

Put down the rebel army.

I have to show these people I’m really working for them.

Even if I have to hear about it later, even if people continue calling me a traitor… I will go against the rebel army to help the rebellion succeed.

I will win these men’s trust and control information.

Even if this leads me to… Killing beast people, I’ve decided I’ll do what I have to.

This rebellion won’t succeed if no one gets their hands dirty.

I have to work to make it so beast people don’t have to be slaves, and can have a future in this country.

…If the rebellion succeeds, that’s great.

But even if the seventh prince can’t lead it to victory… I will build connections from the inside and change this country.

The lady is playing her part well too.

She says she’d feel sorry for me if they made me fight my fellow beast people in the rebel army.

I respond by saying we have to get rid of the filthy beast people baring their fangs against this country, and keep the lady safe.

This is all disingenuous, but it’s all to make people less suspicious of me.

No matter how much this hurts my heart, I will dirty my hands if it leads to a brighter future for beast people.

I was told I have the support of dragon people too, so I steel my resolve and go against the rebel army.

I go in with the mentality to try my best not to kill anyone, but I won’t earn their trust if I’m so soft.

I have to show them I really am working for this country, so I kill two of the rebels.

It was necessary, but it doesn’t feel good.

Now I’ve shown them I can kill rebels.

Did those people have families Thinking about this hurts me a lot, but I can’t stop.

—The cat infiltrates the country

(The cat learns of the seventh prince’s activities, and puts his plan into motion.

He will work towards a brighter future for beast people, even if he has to soil his hands.)


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