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Chapter 264 – Girl, and boy and knight – Part three

Gaius volunteers when Mister Sadnid suggests a mock battle, and he accepts.

I’m already nervous.

Is Gaius going to be all right against someone he hates like a knight from Migha They’ll be using wooden swords, but a weapon is a weapon.

It could very well kill someone depending on where it hits.

Freinet tries to reassure me as I watch the two face each other with serious looks on their faces.

“It’s all right Lerunda.

I’ll use my magic to stop it if it really looks bad.”


Yes, I’m not here alone.

There are others who can stop it if anything happens.

But still, I care about Gaius a lot, so I’m still very worried.

The mock battle begins, but I get less worried the longer it goes.

It’s because… There’s a very clear gap in their skills.

Gaius isn’t using his full power, because he’s not using magic or turning into his wolf form.

But still, Gaius’ physical abilities are very good even in his normal form, and Mister Sadnid is easily handling him.

Maybe it’s just because he has a lot of experience.

Even if his physical abilities are better, that doesn’t matter much if he isn’t very skilled with a weapon and is facing someone who is.

I can use magic too, but I want to get better at using a sword.

Handling a sword well is a lot different than just swinging it.

Still, Mister Sadnid is incredible.

I’ve only seen his master, Prince Hicked Migha once.

That prince I saw years ago is the person Mister Sadnid swore loyalty to.

Watching Mister Sadnid, I can’t help but wonder what that prince is actually like.

I hear the sound of the wooden swords clashing.

Gaius has tried again and again to strike Mister Sadnid.

I can tell by his face that he is really trying.

I think Mister Sadnid is skilled enough that he wouldn’t have a problem even if he wasn’t stopping Gaius’ attacks.

Everyone else is surprised that Mister Sadnid is having no problem even when Gaius is fighting him seriously.

Is Gaius not using magic or his wolf form because he’s holding back his hatred…

Eventually, Gaius is too tired to continue.

He’s a beast person, but he’s also a kid fighting a trained adult, so he has less stamina.

“…We should take a break.

I’m sure you need to rest too, Gaius.”

Says Mister Sadnid while lowering his wooden sword.


Says Gaius while looking up at Mister Sadnid.

I can feel pain in his voice.

Mister Sadnid looks down at him silently.

“…Why are you like that”

“Like that…”

“You’re the reason my father died! You knights from Migha killed him! Why are you being so nice to me! You could’ve killed me during this mock battle if you really wanted to! I… I wanted you to be more hateful!! Then… I could’ve killed… Why aren’t you…”

Gaius is hurting.

That’s why he’s been looking troubled lately.

He’s supposed to be one of the hateful people that killed Mister Athos, but now that he’s actually face to face with him, he’s actually nice… That’s what’s so hard for him.

He wanted to kill them, but Mister Sadnid was still nice to him, so Gaius can’t hate him.

“Yes… Then, I don’t care how many times you come at me to kill me, if that makes you feel better.

I wouldn’t complain even if you did kill me, but I don’t feel like being killed by someone who would be hurt by it.

That wouldn’t be good for you, Gaius.

I can’t take back what I’ve done.

All I can do is apologize.

I am truly sorry.”

“…Don’t apologize! If you’re sorry then you shouldn’t have done it… And then my father would still be here!!”

Mister Sadnid lowers his head near Gaius, and Gaius sounds like he’s about to cry.

Mister Sadnid is completely defenseless, but Gaius isn’t doing anything.

Everyone around us have sorrowful expressions too, because they feel the same sadness and hate as Gaius.

“…But I won’t kill you! It’s pointless, and won’t bring my father back! One day… I’ll be stronger than you! And I’m going to use you to be stronger than you!!”


I look forward to that.”

Gaius says with pain in his voice, and mister Sadnid nods.

The hatred people here were feeling isn’t gone, but I feel like saying this to one of the people who took so much from them has made the mood lighter.

I let out a sigh of relief as I watch Gaius and Mister Sadnid.

I’m glad nothing terrible happened.

After this, Gaius and Mister Sadnid start having a mock battle every time they train.

—Girl, and boy and knight – Part three

(The miko watches the mock battle between the beast boy and the knight.)


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